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I’m a world citizen. I was born in London, raised in Venezuela. I went to university in Canada and then moved to Barcelona. In 2011, I left everything to travel long term. After almost four years on the road, I am now based in the Netherlands. Read more…


Street art in Huaraz, Peru

In Photos: Street Art in Huaraz, Peru

Have a look at the curious street art in Huaraz, a small city near the Cordillera Blanca in Peru.

Graffiti: New York Meets the Dam at the Amsterdam Museum

Graffiti. New York Meets the Dam exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. For the first time ever, a museum exhibit shows how the early works of graffiti art in New York City influenced local artists in Amsterdam.
Mural by ROA in Hasselt, Belgium

Street Art in Hasselt

During our road trip, we made a stop in the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg, to check out the street art in Hasselt. There were lots to see!


Juan Curi waterfall near San Gil, Colombia

Going for a Swim at the Juan Curi Waterfall Near San...

Located just 22 kilometers from San Gil, the Juan Curi waterfall is a popular day trip in the area.
Street view in Barichara, Colombia

Walking From Barichara to Guane on the Camino Real

We just came back from an intense month-long road trip around Colombia. For this journey, we visited many of the country's most popular spots...
Unusual Things to Do in New York

Off the Beaten Path: 10 Unusual Things to Do in New...

If you are looking for unusual things to do in New York, this list will surely take you off the beaten path.

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