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25 Awesome Barcelona Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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This guide of the best Barcelona Instagram accounts to follow gives you an insider’s view to find the best hidden gems, food, and lifestyle in the city.

For seven years, Barcelona was my hometown. I used to live in the middle of all its mayhem, right in the heart of El Raval. My memories of the city are full of sunny skies, warm people, and multicultural flavors. Whenever I go back, I can see that the city is as lively as ever and it makes me feel nostalgic about the things I miss about Barcelona: the sea, its multicultural vibe, and some of my favorite places.

Thankfully, Instagram makes armchair travel easier these days. If you are looking for some travel inspiration, search no more. These are some of the best Barcelona Instagram accounts to follow. And if you like these, also have a look at my posts about the best London, Paris, and New York Instagram accounts to follow.

The Best Barcelona Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. boluddha

Matias Galeano is a world citizen born in Argentina and based in Barcelona. Featuring some sharp architecture photography and an impressive eye for symmetry, his gallery is an inspiration to see the world with different eyes.

2. comomolabarcelona

What I love about this Instagram account is that it showcases what everyday life looks like on the streets of Barcelona. Without great gimmicks and poses it perfectly captures the essence of the city.

3. felix.whox

This gallery shows us the darkest side of Barcelona, its hidden corners and abandoned places. Whether looking from a rooftop over the city or exploring its underground sites; you’re sure to see a side of Barna that you’ve never seen before.

4. flordefum

To see the beauty of Barcelona under a different light, check out Sònia Rubio‘s IG gallery. She has a knack for playing with shadows, light and colors. Plus, she will surely inspire you to try different angles to capture some amazing shots of the city.

5. gabri.amoros

Featuring stunning images in warm tones of daily life on the streets of Barcelona, this IG gallery by Gabri Amorós really captures the essence of the city. Plus, I also really like the random people that sometimes appear in his shots.

6. galarino

With a gallery full of creative shots and vivid tones, check this Instagram account for some great inspiration for finding many beautiful spots to photograph in Barcelona and its surroundings.

7. inandoutbarcelona

Andreu and Stefania, the duo behind this account, are a great source for recommendations of nice places to eat and things to do in Barcelona. They like to share their favorite spots in the city, so make sure to check them out.

8. itsxaviripoll

With warm earth tones, the gallery of local content creator Xavi Ripoll is full of shots of his favorite places in and around Barcelona. And if you are a coffee lover, you’ll find plenty of nice recommendations for your trip to Barcelona.

9. jordi.koalitic

With over a million followers, Jordi Koalitic has one of the biggest Barcelona Instagram accounts. And you’ve probably come across his creative shots at some point. The best thing about his gallery, though, is that he also shows how he achieves his crazy effects.

10. maximmoraleslopez

Màxim Morales is just 16 years old, but he already has quite a keen eye for composition. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his photography journey.

11. miguelborrell

Architect Miguel Borrell features some of the most iconic architectural wonders of Barcelona along some of its best hidden gems. Some of his most impressive shots are those where he simply makes us look up and see buildings from a different angle.

12. monicatorne

If you want to see Barcelona from an insider’s point of view, you should check out Monica Torne’s gallery. It’s a nice window to see what’s happening in Barcelona.

13. olocomesolodejasbcn

For more foodie recommendations about tasty places to visit in Barcelona, you must follow O Lo Comes O Lo Dejas (meaning “either eat it or leave it”, in Spanish). Their blog is run by a collective of individuals who are passionate about the good things in life.

14. pcusinex

Pablo Cusiné’s main gallery highlights Barcelona’s beauty while playing with different lights, contrasting shadows, and warm vivid colors. Furthermore, if you’d like to see some of the same places featured in his images, but in much lighter tones, check out his second account sweetpcusinex.

15. piensaenverdes

With sober earthy tones, María Sanz shares simple moments and places from her life in Barcelona and her travels. Plus, she also writes a blog where she shares her thoughts and experiences.

16. pol.albarran

Pol Albarrán is an 18-year old photographer whose gallery is filled with creative shots of Barcelona and other places usually shot from unusual angles. A great choice to see a different side of the city.

17. shootwithjuan

Originally from Colombia, Juan has been living in Barcelona for a decade. He’s a social media creative who enjoys crafting content focused on where he lives as well as his travels.

18. ssolalessa

Despite being born in Argentina, Sol grew up around Barcelona. In her gallery, she shares some of the prettiest corners of the city. Plus, she also writes a blog and leads female-only photo tours in Barcelona.

19. stoptheroc

Architect Roc Isern has a passion for photography and it shows in his images. He likes to play with the colors and textures of Barcelona’s architecture. He also runs the @barcelonafacades account where he regularly posts some of the trippiest facades in the city.

20. thiagoxbarbosa

Even though my photos are quite colorful, I’m a fan of black and white photography. And Thiago Barbosa does an awesome job capturing the essence of Barcelona in its purest form with his B&W images.

21. visitbarcelona

The official Instagram account of Barcelona’s Tourism Board is obviously another great source of travel inspiration. Not only because they feature some really amazing Barcelona shots, but also because they give some useful tips about places to see and things to do.


There are quite a few Instagram accounts dedicated to featuring photos of Barcelona. My favorite is this one, however. I find that they consistently curate some of the best Barcelona photography and it’s a great source to discover local accounts.

23. xopet1969

Have a look at Albert’s IG gallery to get some inspiration for nice places to shoot in and around Barcelona. I especially love his silhouette and reflection photos.

24. yamildoval

Originally from Galicia, Yamil Doval has fallen in love with the architecture and lifestyle of Barcelona. And it shows in his photos, in which he shares some of the city’s best hidden corners.

25. zuckerandspice

Originally from Boston, Sam Zucker is a guy who wears many hats. Based in Barcelona, he works as a photographer, videographer, social media influencer, and freelance travel writer. Besides featuring beautiful photos from Barcelona and his travels, he is also passionate about food and offers culinary tours of the city.

So there you have them! I hope you find these peeps as inspiring as I do. For my next round-up, I’m putting together a list of my favorite black & white Instagram accounts. So stay tuned for that one! In the meantime, you can also check out my Instagram profile.

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Barcelona Instagram Accounts
Barcelona Instagram Accounts

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Bianca Bauza

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Bianca Bauza

Bianca Bauza is a world citizen who spent almost four years traveling around South America and Europe. Her passions include photography, street art, outdoor sports, and cooking exotic dishes. She's now based in the Netherlands where she lives with her partner and young daughter. She still enjoys traveling, on her own or with her family, and is always looking for an opportunity to see new places.

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