For seven years, Barcelona was my hometown. I used to live in the middle of all its mayhem, right in the heart of El Raval. My memories of the city are full of sunny skies, warm people, and multicultural flavours. It’s been now almost 3 years since the last time I was there, but the impressions this wonderful city left in my mind are still vivid. Sometimes, I feel nostalgic about some of the things I miss about Barcelona: the sea, its multicultural vibe, and some of my favorite places.

Thankfully, Instagram makes armchair travel easier these days. If you are looking for some travel inspiration, search no more. These are some of the best Barcelona Instagram accounts to follow. If you like these, you should also have a look at my posts about the best London and New York Instagram accounts to follow.



Photographer Edu Mur is in love with his home city, Barcelona. His gallery is full of colorful shots featuring some of the city’s most iconic corners. You can also find him on Facebook.




If you want to see Barcelona from an insider’s point of view, you should check out Monica Torne’s gallery. It’s a nice window to see what’s happening in Barcelona. Also, she has some great shots of street art; so she obviously scores high on my book :)



Freelance photographer Manel Subirats has a passion for outstanding Instagram photography and is an active member of the community. He’s also part of the @descobreixcatalunya group, an initiative to showcase the beauty of Catalonia.




Lorena Fernandez loves pretty things and everything Portuguese. Her Instagram gallery and her blog, Na Sua Luna (meaning roughly “On Your Moon”, in Portuguese), are a beautiful collection of anything cute that comes her way.




Architect Nicanor Garcia creates perfect image compositions of his hometown Barcelona and from his travels. His gallery is mostly made up of architecture shots, but now and then he adds some portraits o landscape shots. If you want to learn more about urban and architecture photography you should check out his course (in Spanish).




For foodie recommendations about the most beautiful and tasty places to visit in Barcelona, you must follow O Lo Comes O Lo Dejas (meaning “either eat it or leave it”, in Spanish). Their blog is run by a collective of individuals who are passionate about the good things in life, i. e. food!




Pilar Franco Borrell was born in Madrid but she now lives in Barcelona. She is a journalist with a keen eye for details. Her clean minimalist style gives us a fresh perspective of her life in Barcelona and her travels.




The creator behind the @descobreixcatalunya initiative is another devoted Instagramer. His gallery is a consistent flow of great images featuring his favorite places in Barcelona and beyond.




Architect Roc Isern has a passion for photography and it shows on his images. He likes to play with the colors and textures of Barcelona’s architecture. He also runs the @barcelonafacades account where he regularly posts groups of 3 photos of façades that match together.




Sisters Marta and Maria Bru feature their favorite Barcelona hangouts on their Instagram account. If you want to see the city from a fashionista’s viewpoint, follow their gallery or check out their blog.




Alejandra is a graphic designer who also blogs at The Hanging Plants. Her Instagram gallery is a collection of pastel-colored scenes neatly packed in square format. The world is full of beauty and Alejandra likes to show us her best finds.



Yannick’s gallery is a breath of fresh air. He features a lot of inspiring outdoor shots, that will make you go out there and have some fun. He recently published a smart phone photography book and is donating half of the profits to an animal shelter in Barcelona.



For more Barcelona travel inspiration, follow the official account of Barcelona’s tourism board.

So there you have them! I hope you find these peeps as inspiring as I do. For my next round-up, I’m putting together a list of my favorite black & white Instagram accounts. So stay tuned for that one! In the meantime, you can also check out my Instagram profiles (I keep one for mobile-only photos and a second one for my camera shots).


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Do you follow any awesome Barcelona Instagram accounts that you would like to recommend? Leave me a comment and share it here!



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