There is something captivating about black and white photography. It seems that when you take colors away, only the essence of the scene remains. There are no distractions, no fluff. It’s photography at its bare minimum. The images that in these remarkable black and white Instagram accounts will make you see the world in a different way. And, perhaps, they will also inspire you to do some black & white photography more often.


1 @555design

The gallery of this photographer and graphic designer is a series of candid portraits. A lot of them are from his family. I specially love the ones of his kids, they are very sweet.

Instagram @555design


2 @abu888

Japanese photographer Akihito Nagata got hooked on black and white photography because of Instagram. His images are sharp compositions of people in places with an interesting architecture.




This account features carefully crafted compositions that often mix people with impressive spaces. The images blend an air of classic nostalgia with modern life.



4 @jasonmpeterson

Based in Chicago, Jason Peterson is an art director who likes to document life around him, mostly with his iPhone. He is inspired by classic black and white photography. His images are clean and sharp.



5 @katia_mi

Katia is a designer and art director based in Moscow. Her images are dreamy compositions with a sense of style. She also likes to throw red splashes here and there.



6 @lawless_truth

The Warden’s gallery is a collection of portraits with some fashion, street and outdoors photography thrown in the mix.



7 @mr007

One of the most inspiring and influential Instagramers out there, this Japanese photographer has a talent for creating crisp and compelling images.




8 @nazaret

Nazaret Sanchez lives in Tarragona, Spain. She likes to play with light and darkness in her images and usually features a tiny person to highlight the scale of the scene.



9 @nielsluigjes

Based in Amsterdam, Dutch art director and designer Niels Luigjes makes great use of light and shadows to create dramatic images from everyday scenes.



10 @romestebanr

French author Romain Esteban takes gorgeous black and white photos of life in France. Sometimes he throws in an occassional color shot to brighten things up a bit.



11 @sesolo_tu

This Spanish account features images that seem out of a dream world. They combine different elements to create alternate realities and the result is often beautiful.



12 @simonchaudoir

Director of photography Simon Chaudoir enjoys to create playful images of his life behind the scenes when his shooting music videos and commercials all around the world. The results are often humorous, but sometimes he adds a grim touch here and there.


Do you follow any great black and white Instagram accounts that you would like to recommend? Share them with us in the comments section below!


  1. Giorgiolct is my absolute favorite he has a special gift of adding captions to each photo that reaches inside. I learned to love black and white looking at his photos.
    Thank you for your info.

    • Hi Lorraine :) Thanks so much for sharing your love for @giorgiolct. I agree, his photographs are beautiful and the captions often make me think. I’m really enjoying this find :) I’ll update this list soon to add some other great B&W photographers.

    • Thanks, Arik :) I’m really enjoying your selections, you have some beautiful portrait shots in your gallery. It’s nice to find such a nice collection of interesting photographers. Thanks for sharing!


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