Street Art in Bogota, Part II

While I was in Colombia, I visited Bogota — the bustling capital of this amazing South American destination — a couple of times. On my first visit, I stayed in the quiet residential area of Bellavista. That is not too far from all the bars and restaurants surrounding the famous Zona Rosa. In that area, I found some cool street-art; but none was as nice as some of the works I saw around La Candelaria, the colonial district.

There, you don’t have to walk too far to find some beautiful murals with bold colors and fantastic multi-eyed creatures! Some of them seem to be right out of Where the Wild Thing Are :) I guess that’s what you get in terms of graffiti in the land of Gabriel García Márquez, the most beloved and celebrated Colombian author.

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From what I’ve seen so far, my favorite local artist is StinkFish. I remember stumbling upon his website while I was still in Barcelona looking for some information about street art in Bogotá. So when I came across one of his pieces I was thrilled! I love how he mixes photo images with waves of bright colors and tribal markings. For example, you can go here to see the original photo that inspired the first image of this post, Niña Ojos de Quetzal.

Street Art in Bogota (Colombia)
To see some more photos of the beautiful street art I found this time around, don’t forget to check out my gallery!

Street Art in Bogota (Colombia)

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Bianca Bauza is a world citizen who spent almost four years traveling around South America and Europe. Her passions include photography, street art, outdoor sports, and cooking exotic dishes. She's now based in the Netherlands where she lives with her partner and young daughter. She still enjoys traveling, on her own or with her family, and is always looking for an opportunity to see new places.

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  • We seem to be kindred spirits. I love street art, and have taken many photos of it, including in Bogota. Some of the pics you took were of pieces by a very talented family. The cat-like figure with colourful eyes is by an artist called Nomada, and the piece above it is by his father, Rodez. They’re both from Bogota, but currently live here in Buenos Aires. They have a brother that goes by Malegria, who’s work you can find all over Bogota too. Nomada taught their father, Rodez, how to use aerosol. Rodez’s girlfriend also paints. Her name is escaping me right now. Enjoy Taganga! I’ll be there in 3 weeks to help my friend, Tom Wilkinson, with his company Elemento Outdoor. You should check him out, and say ‘hi’ to him for me.

    • Hola Brice! Thanks so much for the info about the work of these artists! One of the challenges of posting about street art is finding the information about the artists, it’s not always easy but I find it gives such a valuable perspective. I’m going back to Bogotá soon and I’m looking forward to see what’s new on the walls. Also, I happen to be heading to Argentina in the next couple of weeks and I can’t wait to see Buenos Aires, I’ve heard many good things about it! I’ve checked your friend’s company and it looks very interesting what they’re doing, I love mountain biking and the Sierra Nevada is one of my favorite spots in Colombia so I’ll check them out for sure! Thanks again for these tips and I hope our paths cross again soon (if I had known at WTM in London that you are the brain behind I would have bombarded you with questions!)

  • Here’s an interview we did with Rodez and Malegria. A family of great artists and great guys. Malegria is living in Buenos Aires and his brother Nomada is currently in Ushuaia painting

  • Jacaranda Journey

    Great photos! Stinkfish and DJ Lu are my favorite grafiteros in Bogota. I highly recommend this street art tour for anyone visiting Bogota: Led by a grafitero, you learn all about who the artists are, their techniques, and the socio-political messages behind the art. About two-three hours walking through La Candaleria district. Excellent!

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