Colombia Travel: Getting to Nabusimake

Nabusimake in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia
Colombia Travel: A short account of our road trip to Nabusimake, an indigenous village in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

Travel in Colombia by Motorbike

Alain & me traveling to Villa de Leyva, Colombia.
One of the best experiences on my trip so far was to travel in Colombia by motorbike; it was an unforgettable adventure, it was totally awesome!

Street Art in Bogota, Part II

Walking around Bogota's colonial district, La Candelaria; I found some awesome murals. Come check them out!

Climbing Gym in Bogota: Gran Pared

Gran Pared, a rock climbing gym in Bogota, is a good choice to fight the blues from too much rain in the Colombian capital

Bogota – Hostel Musicology

Hostel Musicology is located in the heart of La Calendaria district in Bogota (Colombia); a goos budget alternative for staying in the city's center

An Early Start To Barranquilla’s Carnival Celebrations

Barranquilla's Carnival celebrations start almost right after Christmas. Weeks before the big events, the city transforms into a party place

Arab Food in Bogota – Al Samira

Walking around La Candelaria district, we stumbled upon Al Samira a great place for Arab food in Bogota, offering tasty meals at budget prices

Crêpetto, Healthy Meals in Bogota

While looking for a healthy meal, we came across Crêpetto, a small creperie in the Normandia area, which is located not far from the airport in Bogota

Tayrona National Park – Saving The Best For Last

The Tayrona National Park is a protected area 34 Km away from Santa Marta; some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia are located here

Climbing in Colombia: La Mesa de Los Santos

La Mojarra is the perfect base to go rock climbing in the Chicamocha canyon; this is a must if you're going rock climbing in Colombia

Suesca – Climbing in Valle De Halcones

Suesca, a small town about 60km from Bogota, is the most popular rock climbing location in Colombia. This is where I climbed for the first time!

Colombian Dogs, Angels And Demons

Angry mutt chasing our bike in Colombia
Colombian dogs are very peculiar, some of them can be very sweet, playful and friendly; but others are downright nasty and willing to attact.