Street Art in Bogota

Graffiti in Bogota, Colombia
When I travel, I love to search for street art wherever I go. Come see what I found while looking for street art in Bogota

Macheta, Rock Climbing

Alain Denis climbing in Machetá (Cundinamarca), Colombia
Rock climbing in Macheta, another climbing zone not far from Suesca, is a challenging experience; definitely not for beginners!

Loosing It On The Way Back To Bogotá

Sunset from the road, Colombia
When we were returning to Bogota from El Peñol, we made a stop to fill up our tank and what happened at that gas station changed the course of our trip

El Peñol – Climbing A Monolith

El Peñol (Antioquia), Colombia
El Peñol is a monolith located on the outskirts of Guatapé, a small town that lies about 86 km northeast of Medellín (Colombia). This giant granite stone rises over 2000 meters above sea level

Guatape – A Pueblo From Fairy Tales

Beautiful house in Guatape (Antioquia), Colombia
Guatape is definitely one of the most beautiful towns I've seen in Colombia; it's very clean, the houses are decorated with colourful frescoes, and people are kind

Pan De Queso – Cheesely Delicious!

Pan de Queso
In Colombia, there are several funky types of bread some of my favourite are: pan de bono, pan de yuca, and now pan de queso. So delicious!

Hiding From Civilization at Hostal Medellin

When we visited Medellin, we found the perfect place to stay: Hostal Medellin, located in a spacious house with good location and a friendly host

Maceo – Rock Climbing Off The Beaten Path

Treking in Maceo
Maceo is the access point to a remote rock climbing location in the Antioquia department in Colombia. Getting there is a real adventure

Around Yolombó – Petroglyphs And Pozos For All

Petroglyphs around Yolombó, Colombia
When we visited Yolombo, we visited some of the sights in the area; our favourite were the petroglyphs and the natural pools in a nearby town.

Panela – The Purest Sweetness From The Cane

Last time I was in Colombia, I had the opportunity to visit a trapiche, a place where cane sugar is processed into panela; a typical south American sweetener

Learning All About Panela In A Beautiful Finca

When we visited Yolombó, we stayed in a beautiful finca built in the traditional Paisa style. It was a peaceful place full of vibrant colours

May 2011 – A Month With Sharp Teeth

Vista from terrace in Suesca
The month of May 2011 was full of challenges, things got complicated one after the other. We needed time to reassess our plans and come up with something new