Mountain Biking in Squamish: Riding Half Nelson

I've always liked biking, but it wasn't until I went to Canada that I tried mountain biking in Squamish. Nothing beats riding a bike in the forest!

Hiking in Canada: Full Moon Mission to Wedgemount

One of my first hiking experiences in Canada, this full moon mission to Wedgemount in British Columbia was definitely unforgettable

Climbing in Colombia: La Mesa de Los Santos

La Mojarra is the perfect base to go rock climbing in the Chicamocha canyon; this is a must if you're going rock climbing in Colombia

Suesca – Climbing in Valle De Halcones

Suesca, a small town about 60km from Bogota, is the most popular rock climbing location in Colombia. This is where I climbed for the first time!
Alain Denis climbing in Machetá (Cundinamarca), Colombia

Macheta, Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Macheta, another climbing zone not far from Suesca, is a challenging experience; definitely not for beginners!
El Peñol (Antioquia), Colombia

El Peñol – Climbing A Monolith

El Peñol is a monolith located on the outskirts of Guatapé, a small town that lies about 86 km northeast of Medellín (Colombia). This giant granite stone rises over 2000 meters above sea level
Treking in Maceo

Maceo – Rock Climbing Off The Beaten Path

Maceo is the access point to a remote rock climbing location in the Antioquia department in Colombia. Getting there is a real adventure

Valle de Cocora – A Little Trekking on The Green Side

Valle de Cocora is just a few kilometers away from Salento; a green valley with lots of tall palm trees, one of the nicest trekking experiences in the area
Museo del Oro de Bogotá

Bogota – Gold Museum

The Bogota Gold Museum in Colombia has one of the most impressive collections of native art in South America. Come see my photos!

Isla de Coche, a Break From Routine

When I visited Margarita Island, we took a weekend trip to Isla de Coche, a small island of only 55 km² that is also part of the Nueva Esparta State.

Macanao: Horseback Riding in Margarita Island

Horseback riding in Macanao was a bit of an adventure thanks to a little pepper horse that made my mosquito fly away and send me crashing to the ground!