[dropcap_two] I [/dropcap_two]taly is one of those countries that can boast to offer top experiences for pretty much any kind of travel. I’ve visited Italy a couple of times and I could go back any time, there is just so much to explore! So far, Italy is my favourite food destination; in fact, last time I was there, I gained 5 kilos in 6 weeks! Besides its cuisine, another of Italy’s main draws as a travel destination are its fascinating history and culture. It’s not surprising that Italy is the country with the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The last time I visited Italy was in 2012, when I made my way up north from Rome. I went through several places in the regions of Umbria, Emilia-Romagna and Brescia; and I finished my trip in Milan after a week in Venice. I love Italy so much that I can’t say which is my favourite place. Also, I still haven’t travelled along the coast or to the south of Rome; and some people tell me that’s where some of the best parts of Italy are.

On this page you’ll find a compilation of my experiences travelling in Italy. If you have any question or need some more information, feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me.

Where I’ve Been

⓵ Rome: one of my favourite cities in the world, there are many things to love about Rome: the food, the history, the parks and fountains. Whenever I visit, I feel good here.

⓶  Gubbio: set in the green heart of Italy, I spent a few days in this lovely town where I got dirty and learnt about their wild party.
⓷ Città di Castello: I visited Tela Umbra Laboratory, a traditional hand loom weaving cooperative ran by women that’s keeping this ancient art form alive up to this day.

 Bologna: my main reason to visit the capital of this region was to check out the amazing street art from Italian artist Blu
 Dozza: come check out the paintings on the walls of the capital of modern frescoes.
 Parma: a great destination where I had the opportunity to go biking to the Castle of Torrechiara and hiking to Monte Marmagna in the Apennines.
 Modena: I went to this beautiful town to sample the exquisite traditional balsamic vinegar and along the way I came across some awesome street art from several of my favourite artists.

Peacock in Parma, Italy

 Monte Isola: in the little town of Carzano, I saw a sample of the hand made flowers used to decorate the streets during the Festa di Santa Croce.

 Venice: considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, I found the crowds a bit overwhelming and I had to struggle to get off the beaten path in search of a more authentic experience.


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