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Street art in Santiago, Chile

Street Art in Santiago, Chile

Best of all, I didn't have to go too far to see some striking murals. It turned out that Barrio Brasil is a great spot for street art in Santiago.
My view from the Piazza Venezia in Rome by Rachel Hordley found on Trover.com

Off the Beaten Path: 5 Unusual Things To Do in Rome

These five unusual things to do in Rome are sure to spice up your itinerary. By venturing off the beaten path, you will get a deeper understanding of Rome.
The Coliseum by night

5 Reasons To Love Rome

Even if I don't like cities so much, Rome has a very special place in my heart. Check out my reasons to love one of Europe's oldest cities!
Mural in Santiago, Chile

The Cheeky Princess in Santiago, Chile

What a name for a hostel! Still, I loved staying at the Princesa Insolente while in Santiago :)
Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not Impressed With Buenos Aires

Maybe my expectations were too high, but at the end I couldn't wait to get out of BsAs!

Caracas, City of Fury

For the start of my journey, I decided to get back to my roots and travel first to Venezuela to visit friends and family. As usual, my arrival point is Caracas, the city where...