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Top Instagramers to Follow – The Brazilian Edition

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Right now, there are millions of people from all over the world who have their eyes in Brazil. And I am no exception. With two of my favourite teams qualifying for the Eighth Final — Colombia and Netherlands — I’m hot with football fever.

To honour this World Cup’s host country, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top Brazilian Instagramers to follow. As usual, I’ve tried to get a good mix of pros and newcomers, while covering a wide range of styles so that you might find something you like. I hope you enjoy my selection!



Instagram: @abarrosf

With an Instagram account that has only been active for a couple of months, the feed of Flávia Barros Aneci shows great promise. This young resident of Recife gives us a colourful tour of her surroundings with her beautiful compositions. I can’t wait to see her grow!



Instagram: @annaleticohen

Party designer turned Instagramer Anna Leti Cohen is a very active member in Brazil’s IG community. Besides her own account, she handles both the @igersrio and @igersbrasil accounts. What I love most about her shots is how beautifully she captures light to create dreamy images.



Instagram: @aurch

If you want to see what it’s like to be immerse in the festive mood of the World Cup, check out photographer Alexandre Urch‘s gallery. He captures the passion of football fanatics rooting for their teams in all their glory. A must for this event!



Instagram: @cesinha

César Ovalle is a photographer based in Sao Paolo. His shots show moments of everyday life and have a certain melancholic air. Also, all his images on Instagram are shot and edited entirely with his iPhone; which is something I really like.



Instagram: @dannyzappa

Swedish graphic designer Danny Zappa has lived in Brazil since 1997. He has a great eye for capturing the details and colours of everyday life. His gallery gives us a view of the little things that most of the time go by unnoticed.



Instagram: @gmateus

Gabriela Mateus is a Portuguese photographer based in Sao Paolo. She was one of the first Portuguese to join Instagram and has cultivated a great following since her early days. She’s also very involved with the Instagramers community and is a moderator for both the @igersportugal and @igerssaopaolo groups.



Instagram: @Marcellohenrique

Marcello Henrique is based in Rio de Janeiro. He shoots with his phone and captures gorgeously sharp and colourful images with a bit of a sense of humour. A creative gallery that shouldn’t be missed!



Instagram: @paulodelvalle

After being featured as one of Instagram‘s suggested users, Carioca Paulo del Valle’s photographic career has taken a sharp turn. It is no wonder, his feed takes us to Rio de Janeiro’s most scenic points and gives us a glimpse into the city’s life from the eyes of a local. If you enjoy his work, you can also check his second account @paulo_delvalle.



Instagram: @Rebua

Instagramer @rebua takes us along for a ride on his paddle board with his GoPro. With their beautiful composition and use of light, his shots gives us an unusual perspective of the beautiful landscapes of Brazil.



Instagram: @renatapedrosa

Traveller Renata Pedrosa likes to capture gorgeous images of the natural world with her iPhone and GoPro. When she’s not posting shots of her travels, she shares some of her favourite spots around Rio and Brazil.



Instagram: @vijanueva

Tato Villanova’s Instagram feed consists of poetic images in subtle tones. His images are also taken from creative viewpoints, which give them a unique appeal. Plus, he also shoots and edits only with his phone.



Instagram: @Zefelipe

Based in Rio de Janeiro, artist José Felipe has a clean and minimalist style. His Instagram gallery is a soothing space of light blue tones and uncluttered compositions. If you like his work here, have a look at his black and white account @zefelipebw also.


So there you have them! For more Brazil travel inspiration, check out @visitbrasil — the official account of Brasil’s tourism board. And to discover more inspiring Brazilian instagramers follow @igersbrasil and @instagrambrasil.

Next time, for those who like a little adrenaline rush, I’ll post a list of the most adventurous Instagramers to follow. So stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at my Instagram profile and check out my latest shots:

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Do you follow any awesome Brazilian Instagramers that you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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