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24 Inspiring Minimalist Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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One of the most challenging aspects of curating your own Instagram gallery is to achieve a consistently clean look (at least for me). So I often find myself checking other people’s feed to get some inspiration and to see how people with different styles make it all work. And I am especially fascinated by minimalist Instagram accounts. I love how some of these Instagrammers manage to convey a lot of meaning with just a few elements in their photos.

So I’ve prepared a list with some of my favorite minimalist Instagram accounts. There is a little bit of everything, from travel to architecture, to lifestyle and food. And I hope you find some inspiration on their galleries as well!


Based in Spain, Alberto Garcia’s gallery features mostly architecture shots mixed with some more personal images. He seems to favour white and pastel tones.


Graphic designer Andrew Kuttler has a playful style. His gallery is full of fun and creative images in vibrant colours and with a touch of humour.


Aurely Cerise is an image creator based in Paris. When she discovered Instagram, she found a creative outlet that changed her life for the better. And we are so glad she did! Her images are pure eye candy.


Travel photographer Carley Rudd is passionate about travel and the outdoors and that is clearly reflected on her photos. She uses mostly a pastel colour palette which gives her images a soothing dreamy quality.


Based in Sussex (UK), Caroline South has mastered the art of the flat lay. On her images, she gives ordinary objects a new life by playing with shapes and colours.


I first featured Cay when I first published this list a couple of years ago. Back then she was just starting on Instagram and her account had about 300 followers. She now has over 70K; but her gallery still feels fresh and new.

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Based in Valencia (Spain), architect Daniel Rueda likes to play with lines and geometric shapes in his images. But it’s not as serious as it sounds, he also usually adds a humorous and playful touch.


Samantha is a Canadian cookie maker who likes to shares her creations with the rest of us. Her feed is deliciously sweet and full of creativity.


Emily Wang is a writer and content creator who lives in Los Angeles with her pups. Follow her to add a spark of cuteness to your days.


The gallery of Hendra Bangkit Pramana brings us closer to the poetic beauty of Indonesia. He has a great eye to capture beautiful minimalist outdoor scenes.


Based in Shanghai, the monochromatic gallery of Xiao Han features shots from her home base and her travels. Her photos are graceful and very poetic.


Mimi Velarde is a graphic designer based in Ciudad de México. She creates pretty compositions for her gallery and likes to play with shapes and colours.

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With his talent for capturing exceptional lines and shapes, Spanish Instagramer @otije is often cited as one of the best architecture Instagram accounts to follow.


Sara is now based in Doha. She features mostly snaps from her daily life combining whites and soft tones to create poetic images.


Manuel Pita lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He has a great eye for composition and color. He is also the creator of the Lonely Houses series, in which he features quirky Portuguese houses that he finds around the country.


Based in Beirut, this lawyer knows how to create visually compelling minimalist images. The composition of his shots is just brilliant and they inspire us to see the world with new eyes.


Skylar Bartlett is an explorer and creator who is based in Los Angeles, California. We love the love he plays with bright colours and shapes on his photos.


Based in Saint Petersburg, Latvian artist Тasha Alakoz shoots mostly self-portraits. Her gallery is full of explosive colours, humorous touches, and more than a dash of sexiness.

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Minh T. is a photographer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles. He shoots mostly architecture, but you will also find some stunning landscape shots. His composition style is impeccable. If you want to know more about him, check out this interview.


The gallery of Thailand-based @thomtham is full of whimsical images that capture friends and family as they go around some beautiful landscapes.


Urban Koi is a director, photographer and scientist from New York. Her monochromatic gallery combines images of her daily life and her travels. We absolutely love her photos from Iceland!


Victor Cheng is a Canadian designer who is now based in Hong Kong. Whether he is shooting urban or natural landscapes, he has a knack for keeping his composition clean and simple.


Portuguese designer José Miguel uses subdued washed-out colours to perfectly capture the atmosphere wherever he goes.


Wandson Lisboa is a Brazilian designer based in Porto, Portugal. He creates colourful scenes with simple everyday objects.

Browsing the feeds of these talented Instagramers makes me want to clean up my photos and they inspire me to open my eyes more to the details and shapes of every day life. I hope you also find something interesting in their galleries.

On the next edition on this series, I’m featuring my favorite Dutch Instagram accounts to follow. Also, feel free to follow any of my Instagram profiles:

Do you follow any awesome minimalist Instagram accounts that you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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