Best Dogs to Follow on Instagram

A Dog Lover’s Guide to the Best Dogs to Follow on Instagram

It’s been a while since my last Instagram round-up post. To make it up, I’ve prepared an extra special list of some of the best dogs to follow on Instagram. Yep, that’s right. There are hundreds of dogs out there who have their own dedicated IG feed. Most of them though, are an endless flow of your average doggie snapshots. But these guys below will brighten up your day with a constant dose of creativity and cuteness. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Currently on a book tour across the USA and Canada, Andrew Knapp and Momo like to play hide-and-seek. On a road trip across Canada, Andrew photographed his border collie hiding in unusual places in each photograph. You can also follow their adventures on Twitter and Facebook.



If you look up the definition of hipster dog, you’ll probably get a photo of Digby next to it. This IG gallery features Digby and Aloysus van Winkle a couple of Brussels Griffons that live in Wellington, New Zealand. You can also follow their adventures in Facebook and Twitter.



Follow the adventures of The Pointer Brothers, Gus and Trav, as their owner Stephanie McCombie shares some of their candid moments. Don’t miss the peanut butter series! You can also catch them on Facebook and Twitter.



Seattle-based photographer Jeremy Lee documents life with his adorable pug, Norm. One of the first to master the art of the “pet selfie”, their gallery is delightful. You can also follow them on Twitter.



If I had to pick just one favorite from this list, this would be it. Stuttgart based photographer Samuel Jurcic creates beautiful minimalist images in collaboration with Lal, his German short-haired pointer.



This lovely three-year old pug was born in Slovakia but now lives in Vienna with her Portuguese humans. And she’s definitely one of the most stylish dogs on IG. You can also follow her antics on Facebook.



Brazilian artist Rafael Mantesso creates whimsical images in collaboration with his bull terrier, Jimmy Choo. His IG gallery got so popular that it attracted the attention of designer Jimmy Choo and they teamed up for a collaboration. You can also follow Rafael & Jimmy (the bull terrier, that is) on Facebook.


Talk about having an adventurous life! Photographer Theron Humphrey is taking his dog companion Maddie on epic motorcycle road trip around the USA. One of the things that sets Maddie apart from other dogs is her ability to balance on random things. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



If you want to find more awesome dog accounts on Instagram, follow Dogs of Instagram and @houndandlife. They feature new accounts regularly so it’s a great way to keep up to date with the latest dog stars on IG.


I hope you enjoyed my selection and are feeling inspired by these creative accounts. For more Instagram inspiration, check out my other posts on the Best of Instagram series:

For my next round-up, I’m taking you all to my former hometown by showcasing my favorite Instagram accounts from Barcelona. So stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at my Instagram profiles (one mobile-only and the other for my camera photos) and feel free to follow ;)


Do you follow a great dog account on Instagram that you would like to recommend? Leave me a comment and share it here!

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