Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide, the Rising City in South Australia

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Back in the day, Adelaide used to be a sleepy city with not much excitement to offer. Today, the capital city of South Australia is undergoing a rapid transformation into a burgeoning metropolis. The city has a growing scene of hip bars, a lively art and music community, and an expanding festival calendar. For those visiting this corner of Australia, a visit to Adelaide promises endless fun and a wide range of attractions to experience.

Dive Into Adelaide’s Bustling Bar Scene

After Adelaide’s liquor licensing laws changed in 2013, the city’s small bar scene exploded. Nowadays, you can find countless hidden bars and eateries in the laneways and side streets near the city center. With so many options, it isn’t easy to choose where to go. Some notable bar recommendations include Atlantis, a glamorous cocktail bar boasting an aquarium with live mermaid shows; Escape Hunt Adelaide, a hidden gem that combines a bar with three different escape room experiences; and Peter Rabbit, a green café and bar where you can pet some adorable bunnies.

Get Close to Wildlife and Nature

When it comes to nature and wildlife, Adelaide offers many interesting options. The Adelaide Zoo houses over 300 species of animals, while animals roam freely at the Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills. Head 20 minutes from the city center to the expansive Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary, where you can spot wild dolphins from several viewpoints on land or while kayaking.

Another great natural feature of this wonderful city is the 930-hectare ring of public parkland that surrounds the city’s central square grid. One of the most popular parks here is the Botanic Garden, which houses countless native plants and thousands of species of roses.

This area is an excellent place to look for upscale accommodation. One of the best options around is the InterContinental Adelaide, which offers friendly service, breathtaking views, and classic ambiance.

Experience the Rich Cultural Landscape

While visiting the city, you should go for a stroll along the tree-lined North Terrace Boulevard, home to Adelaide’s most important cultural institutions. The Art Gallery of South Australia features a collection of over 38,000 pieces, including sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, prints, and furniture from both Australian and foreign artists. At the neighboring South Australian Museum, you can admire some impressive rare fossils, such as a giant kangaroo and a 6-meter snake. Here you can also immerse yourself into Australia’s cultural and heritage by touring the world’s largest display of Aboriginal artifacts.

You’ll also find several interesting art galleries scattered around the city. Follow Adelaide’s Art Gallery Walking Trail to discover the best ones. Finally, if you want to see some brilliant Aboriginal visual and performing art, visit the Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute. This is the oldest Aboriginal-owned and managed arts center in Australia.

The capital city of South Australia is booming and has begun to receive the recognition it deserves. If you visit Adelaide, don’t miss any of these amazing and unforgettable experiences.

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