An Afternoon in Victoria, BC

Victoria, the capital of beautiful British Columbia, is at the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It’s also one of the oldest cities of the Pacific Northwest. Named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, it was once known as the “City of Gardens”. Today, Victoria is a popular touristic destination and it’s a prominent site for retirees in Canada, due to its mild weather and nearly snow-free climate.

Victoria BC, Canada
On a warm and sunny day at the end of August, we arrived by ferry from Anacortes in Washington, to spend an afternoon walking around town. The pace of the city is definitely relaxed and easy-going. It’s very much in line with the popular cliché that says this city is for “the newly wed and nearly dead”.

Victoria BC, Canada
Just in front of the Parliament building, there is a huge Sequoia tree that’s more than a hundred years old. Ever since reading the book The Wild Trees (2007), which tells the story about California’s coastal redwoods and the people who climb them to study these trees and their ecosystem, I’ve wanted to see one of this giants in person. So it came as a surprise to find one right there in the city. I could not resist to give it a hug and cross another item off my bucket list.

Victoria BC, Canada
During our stroll, we also came across a couple of performers that were entertaining the crowd at the Inner Harbor with their act mixing acrobatics with comedy. In the video, you can see how they set her feet on fire just for a few minutes to the crowd’s fascination.

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