Arepas at Hermanos Moya


The arepa is probably Venezuela’s most famous traditional dish. It’s made out of cornmeal and it can be baked, grilled, or fried; depending on your own taste. Also, it can be filled with anything from scrambled eggs, to cheese, ham, beef, pork, chicken, beans or any combination of these. It really depends on how and what you like.

Arepas with cheeseSome people say that you haven’t been to Margarita Island if you haven’t tried the arepas at Hermanos Moya, a small kiosk on the road to Playa El Agua with just a few tables on a tiny pretty square. We went there twice during our stay and each time we were delighted with both the food and the service. Every kind of arepa we tried was pretty good; but the best, in my opinion, was the one with cheese topped with a bit of their spicy mango sauce. Their natural fruit juices are also unmissable, my absolute favourite is the soursop (guanábana) juice.

Once, we stopped to buy some cachapas at another place first to satisfy my cravings and we actually brought them to the Hermanos Moya to eat them along the arepas and they were totally cool with that! I was so embarrassed to be doing that, but the waiter was all smiles and he even brought us butter and cutlery! This place rocks, really.



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