Arequipe Brownies from La Baguette

Arequipe Brownies – A Sweet Spin!

While in Colombia I came across these arequipe brownies at the insistence of my sister Sandra. Since I’m a full on chocoholic, I rarely stray from the usual chocolate treats. It’s almost impossible to get me to try something different in this department. This time, I’m glad I listened when my cousin Joe pushed me into trying Colombia’s delicious arequipe brownies. Arequipe is a thick and sweet milk-based spread, that is like caramel; so when you pair it with brownies it’s an unbelievable combination! You can find them in most supermarkets and food stores. The ones in this photo are from “La Baguette” in Barranquilla, and these were the best I tasted during my trip.

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  • I’ll try them as soon as I get there… new for me! But since you’re a chocoholic it must be because of me… I am tooooooo!!!!!! Big kiss, Mum

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