Petroglyphs around Yolombó, Colombia

Around Yolombó – Petroglyphs And Pozos For All

One of the most enjoyable aspects of staying with locals is when they bring you to see the special places of their land. During our stay in Yolombó, we took advantage of another gorgeous and sunny day to check out some petroglyphs. These are figures carved on some rocks that are spread about the valley of the river and are apparently dated to pre-Columbian times.

Hills around Yolombó
Once we came down the hills we were fully enveloped by the heat and humidity of the valley. The sky was bright and blue, with some immaculately white clouds sprayed here and there; all in contrast with the emerald green vegetation of the land.

Pozos in Cisneros
After a typical lunch of Bandeja Paisa with Chicharrón (sorry, doc! Could not pass this one up!); we headed to Cisneros to combat the heat with a plunge in the Pozos. We took a moto-ratón (that’s how they call tuk tuks in this part of the world) and after a quick ice cream stop, the driver dropped us off at the entrance of the charcos. What a beautiful place to stop for a swim on a day like this! The place was empty except for a few local kids here and there, there were no tourists to be seen anywhere as this place is for sure not on your Lonely Planet guide ;)

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