Barcelona – Cinema Under the Stars at the Montjuic

With the arrival of summer and the rise of temperatures in Barcelona, comes a lot of outdoor activities and cinema is no exception. When I used to live there, one of my favourite summer happenings was the Open Air Film Festival at the Sala Montjuic; where a few times a week during July and August, cinema lovers get a chance to sit under the stars while enjoying great films, in the original version with subtitles. The setting couldn’t be more perfect, as the organisers set up a giant screen just behind Montjuic’s castle.

Montjuic's Open Air Cinema Festival in Barcelona
This year marks the 10th edition of the festival with films running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Doors open at 20:30 and tickets sell for 5€ (5.50€, if you buy in advance). I’d recommend you get there as early as possible to grab a good spot, rent a comfortable deck-chair (3€) and enjoy the live music playing while having a picnic with your friends. After the sun sets and it gets darker, the action starts at 22:00 with a short film followed by the featured movie of the night.

Live music at Montjuic's Open Air Cinema Festival in Barcelona
Also, if you get cold easily, I’d suggest you bring a sweater as it can get a few degrees colder at the top of the hill as the sun disappears from the sky. Once the movie is over, you get to enjoy a nice walk down Montjuic, back to Barcelona’s warmth (or you could wait in line for the bus…). This year, the festival runs until August 8th and for the full program you should check out their site here.

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    Ohh this is really sweet! I hope when I visit Barcelona in the future I will be able to make it there :)

  • What a great idea! There are still some drive in theaters in the US that we’ve visited in the past, and Bryant Park has outdoor movie festivals in the summer, but this is a great opportunity for a free slice of local culture in Barcelona. WHEN I visit, I’ll put it on my to do’s. Thanks for sharing!

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