Best Hotels in Lecce

Best Hotels in Lecce

Lecce, the capital of Salento, is a stunning baroque town, often called the “Florence of the South.” Most of the historic buildings in Lecce  feature intrinsic details carved from Pietra Leccese, a local soft sandstone. Its rich cultural heritage and its proximity to both the Adriatic and Ionian coasts make Lecce an ideal base for exploring the marvels of Salento. If you are looking for a nice place to stay, these are the best hotels in Lecce.

Patria Palace Lecce

If you are looking for 5-star comfort and hospitality,  Patria Palace Lecce has a long-standing tradition of pleasing their guests. Situated right across the impressive Santa Croce’s Basilica, this luxurious hotel boasts unbeatable views and one of the best locations in town. Inside, this restored 17th century palazzo is decorated with frescoes and lavish art deco details.


Risorgimento Resort

Housed in a charming historic building, Risorgimento Resort features stylish contemporary design, mixing the best of both worlds. Located in the heart of Lecce, this 5-star hotel is within walking distance to all the major sites, among them Piazza Sant’Oronzo, Roman Amphitheatre, Piazzetta Sigismondo Castromediano, and  Piazza del Duomo. All the property’s 47 rooms are spacious and include modern amenities. There is also a full-service spa, restaurant, and rooftop garden at this enchanting hotel.


Masseria & Spa LuciaGiovanni

Located just 5 minutes by car from Lecce, the luxurious Masseria & Spa LuciaGiovanni mixes Moorish art details with local Mediterranean flavours. Set in a 17th century manor house, this 4-star property is the ideal place for a relaxing vacation. Among the hotel’s amenities are a massive swimming pool, hamman, and state-of-the-art wellness spa.


Torre del Parco – 1419 Dimora Storica

Offering spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities, Torre del Parco – 1419 Dimora Storica is housed in a medieval fortress. Set close to the heart of Lecce, this 4-star hotel is the perfect place in which to immerse yourself into the cultural heritage of the city. An excellent breakfast is included in room rates.



The very modern 8piuhotel offers all the usual amenities that can be expected from a 4-star establishment. This nice looking hotel is just a 15-minute walk to all the main attractions at Lecce’s city centre. The hotel’s restaurant usually receives rave reviews from guests. Free parking and a complimentary breakfast are included in the room rates.


Zenit Hotel Salento

Located just outside the ancient city walls, the Zenit Hotel Salento offers comfort at great prices. This modern 3-star hotel features clean and well-equipped rooms, a restaurant, and private parking. From this location, you can get easily to and from the airport; while still being within walking distance to the city centre.


Eos Hotel

Eos Hotel provides guests with sleek contemporary design, friendly service, and all the modern amenities at very competitive prices. This 3-star hotel is just a 15-minute walk from the beautiful Lecce historic center. This hotel is a great place for travelers looking for modern and comfortable surroundings at good prices.

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Best Hotels in Lecce

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