When Is the Best Time to Visit Cancun?

When to Visit Cancun

One of Mexico‘s most popular touristic destinations, Cancun welcomes thousands of visitors every month, all year-round. The best time to visit Cancun depends on your own priorities. Some people prefer to travel when the weather is at its best, others prefer to avoid crowds, and yet others only go to Cancun when they find a good price deal.

The Best Weather

Temperatures are mostly warm in Cancun throughout the year, ranging from 73º F (23º C) to 86º F (30º C). Still, there is some variation between the seasons, making some months better for visiting than others. December and January are the coolest months, but they offer some of the driest days. Yet, some travelers might find it to be too cold for swimming. Temperatures remain mild but pleasant from February until April. The hottest and most humid months are June, July and August.

Times to avoid: When it comes to rain in Cancun, the wettest months are June and October. Also, hurricane season hits Cancun in September and October. You should always check the weather forecast, if traveling during those months.


Avoiding Crowds

For travelers who want to avoid crowds, it is best to travel off-season. Peak season in Cancun runs from December to April. July and August are also busy months since families prefer to travel during school summer holidays. Cancun is less crowded in from May to June, and from September to November. However, keep in mind that some of those months are also the rainiest. If you want to avoid the crowds and still have some good weather, May is probably your best bet.

Times to avoid: Peak season in general; but most of all, avoid traveling to Cancun during Spring Break. That is when there are the biggest, and loudest, crowds in Cancun. If possible, also avoid traveling during weekends. That is when most travelers try to get in or out of Cancun, and airports and highways are packed with people.


Finding the Best Price Deals

If you are traveling to Cancun on a budget, the best time to save some money and get the best rates is during the off-season. During May and June, hotels in Cancun offer some discounted rates. However, you will find the best deals during the fall months. The cheapest time to go to Cancun is also the least popular because of hurricane season, during September and October. If you want to travel during this time, check the extended weather forecast for a couple of weeks. If there are no warnings for hurricanes, you might face a bit of rain; but you will likely score a good last-minute deal.

Times to avoid: Peak season, from December to April, offer the best weather but these are also the most expensive months to travel to Cancun. July and August also see a hike in prices, since most families travel during the summer holiday period. You can expect to pay more for everything during those times.

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