Black and white photography has a certain timeless quality that captivates me. When colors are stripped away from an image, only the essence of the scene remains. And photography then becomes a game of contrast between light and shadows.

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” – Andri Cauldwell


However, that doesn’t make black and white photography any easier than colour photography. In fact, making good B&W photography takes practice and a keen eye for details. To inspire you to see the world in a different way, here is a selection of my favorite black and white Instagram accounts. So go ahead and have a look! Hopefully, you’ll find them as inspiring as I do. 😉

Best Instagram Accounts for Black & White Photography


Based in Sweden, Are Age is a photographer and graphic designer who posts candid portraits on a daily basis. Most of his images are of his family and I specially like those of his kids, which are very sweet and natural.

A post shared by Are Age (@555design) on

A post shared by Are Age (@555design) on


Japanese photographer Akihito Nagata got hooked on black and white photography because of Instagram. His images are sharp compositions of people in places with an interesting architecture.

A post shared by Akihito Nagata (@abu888) on

A post shared by Akihito Nagata (@abu888) on


Based in Moscow, dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev captures the powerful and graceful beauty of professional dancers. His images are just stunning and will surely inspired anyone interested in this field.

Based in Berlin, Andrea Görß’s IG feed is rich in crisp urban images with strong lines. Also, he only posts images shot and edited with his mobile phone, which makes his gallery all the more impressive.

A post shared by Andreas ( on

A post shared by Andreas ( on


This black and white Instagram account features carefully crafted compositions that often mix people with impressive spaces. The images blend an air of classic nostalgia with scenes of modern life.


Based in Chicago, Jason Peterson is an art director who only started shooting digital thanks to mobile photography and Instagram. Inspired by classic black and white photography, his images are dark, high contrast, timeless compositions. And with over a million followers, he has one of the best Instagram feeds out there, B&W or not.


Jamal Burger is a street photographer based in Toronto, Canada. His work focuses on architecture, sports, and urban scenes. I also love his raw travel shots, which allow us to get a peek at how is life for locals in different destinations.

A post shared by Jamal Burger (@jayscale) on

A post shared by Jamal Burger (@jayscale) on


Spanish architect José Luis Saez usually captures high-contrast images of tiny people in huge places to create a sense of isolation. Also, he’s one of those now rare people who shoots only with his iPhone.

A post shared by José Luis (@jl_saez) on

A post shared by José Luis (@jl_saez) on


Katia is a designer and art director based in Moscow. Her images are dreamy compositions with a great sense of style. Her monochromatic images have a rosy tone and with some splashes of red here and there.


Documentary photographer Matt Black has dedicated his career to exploring the connections between migration, poverty, agriculture and the environment. His work is, more often than not, powerfully moving and deep.


One of the most inspiring and influential Instagramers out there, Masaki Kai is a Japanese photographer with a talent for creating crisp and compelling images.

Black & White Ⅱ ►

A post shared by mr007 (@mr007) on

Tokyo Backstreet ⅩⅠ ►

A post shared by mr007 (@mr007) on


Nazaret Sánchez lives in Tarragona, Spain. After she discovered Instagram, she started getting more and more into photography. And I am glad she did. Her images strike a playful balance between light and darkness, while featuring people in shadows or silhouettes to highlight the scale of the scene.

A post shared by Nazaret Sánchez (@nazaret) on

A post shared by Nazaret Sánchez (@nazaret) on


Filipe Posteral is a computer vision engineer based in Paris. His images have a dreamy quality that sometimes can have a surreal feel.

A post shared by Filipe Posteral (@posteral) on

A post shared by Filipe Posteral (@posteral) on


Dr. Rafael F. Ayoub is passionate about photographing people. His gallery is a collection of beautiful images featuring candid moments and portraits.

A post shared by Rafael F. Ayoub (@rfayoub) on

A post shared by Rafael F. Ayoub (@rfayoub) on


French author Romain Esteban takes gorgeous black and white photos of life in France. Sometimes he throws in an occassional color shot to brighten things up a bit.


After traveling to over 120 countries photographing people, some of them in pretty traumatic conditions, Brazilian photojournalist Sebastiao Salgado got pretty sick from the things he saw. To learn how he bounced back and rekindled his love for photography, watch his TED Talk.


Director of photography Simon Chaudoir enjoys to create playful images of his life behind the scenes when his shooting music videos and commercials all around the world. The results are often humorous, but sometimes he adds a grim touch here and there.

A post shared by Simon Chaudoir (@simonchaudoir) on

A post shared by Simon Chaudoir (@simonchaudoir) on


Thai graphic designer Weerayut Kongthed is a self-taught photographer who captures patterns, textures and perspectives in architecture.

A post shared by Wejude (@wejude) on

A post shared by Wejude (@wejude) on

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18 Black & White Instagram Accounts to Follow

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  1. Giorgiolct is my absolute favorite he has a special gift of adding captions to each photo that reaches inside. I learned to love black and white looking at his photos.
    Thank you for your info.

    • Hi Lorraine :) Thanks so much for sharing your love for @giorgiolct. I agree, his photographs are beautiful and the captions often make me think. I’m really enjoying this find :) I’ll update this list soon to add some other great B&W photographers.

    • Thanks, Arik :) I’m really enjoying your selections, you have some beautiful portrait shots in your gallery. It’s nice to find such a nice collection of interesting photographers. Thanks for sharing!


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