Bogotá – Museo Botero

During the past week, I have been stuck by circumstances in Bogota. Now Semana Santa is here, and there is no point in leaving the city, especially considering the rains that continue to afflict the country these days. So what to do? Take off an afternoon to walk around La Candelaria and visit the Museo Botero.


Mujer Reclinada
I really like his sculptures, so shiny and smooth. The simplicity of their lines. The Cat brings special memories. Back in Barcelona, I used to live just two blocks away from that cat sculpture in El Raval. Oh, those days back in sunny Barcelona

There were also some works by other international artists. My favourites were the drawings by Lucian Freud, his traces are so perfect and rich; I wish I could draw like that.

Cabeza y Hombros de Mujer by Lucian Freud
Another excellent work was this painting by Richard Estes, it’s called “El autobús de Broadway en la calle Liberty”; the details are just amazing. It’s so realistic, that you think it’s a photo until you come close to it.

El autobús de Broadway en la calle Liberty

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  • amer @TendToTravel

    wow..this is amazing. Having not seen this kind of art before I’m assuming it’s very distinct to the region

  • Wow, the Estes painting is really remarkable! And Botero’s Mona Lisa is just genius.

    (We’re tentatively planning a trip to Colombia for next year so I’ll be reading up on more of your Bogota/Barranquilla posts!)

    • Cool, Cassandra! I hope you get to travel to Colombia, it’s a really special destination. Let me know if you do end up going :)

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