Capturing the colours of the Atacama Desert in Chile

UPDATE: My Best Shots to Capture the Colour 2013 – Blue Win

A couple of weeks ago, I was happy to learn that Cassandra, the lovely gal behind the Madrid-based blog Gee, Cassandra, had tagged me to take part in Travel Supermarket’s contest Capture the Colour 2013. The premise of this photo blogging contest is quite simple, you just need to submit your best shot in the colour categories: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and White.

There are some cool prizes to be won and  each category will be jugged by some of the best travel & photography pros:

So after going through my photo collection, these are my picks. I hope you like them, too!


UPDATE: Blue – Category Win!

My photo was picked as the Winner for the Blue category this year! I’m beyond thrilled :) To see the rest of the winners and runner ups, check Travel Supermarket‘s site. This is what the Blue judge, Daniel from Canvas of Light said about it:

“Blue is a very common colour, but out of all the amazing entries, this one particularly stood out as I could almost feel the music and the movement of the beautiful dresses. The white and blue colour work perfectly together, the woman’s face is perfectly illuminated, the details are plenty and the composition is spot on, with a great choice of low angle and subject placement. Excellent work!”

Capture the Colour: Blue in Copacabana, BoliviaWhile visiting Copacabana, a small town on the south shore of Lake Titicaca, I randomly stumbled upon a colourful dancing parade honouring the Virgin of Copacabana. Chancing upon events like this one, was one of the best treats of traveling in Bolivia. It seems that there is always something to celebrate, there is always a reason to dance. I love this shot because everything just matches the blue and white tones of the costumes.



Capture the Colour: Green in Parma, ItalyThis shot is from a visit to Parma in Italy. I have a bit of an obsession with peacocks, any time I see one I stalk the poor birds taking all kinds of photos. I can’t help it, I just love their shiny and colourful feathers. They are so beautiful and regal.



Capture the Colour: Yellow in ChileChile is a place with an amazing variety of impressive landscapes. One of my favourite places for photography so far was the Atacama Desert and its surrounding areas.



Capture the Colour: Red in Barranquilla, ColombiaThe Carnival in Barranquilla (Colombia) is one of the most colourful events I’ve seen. People put a lot of effort into their costumes and dress up in traditional characters. This shot is a small taste of what carnival looks like there.



Capture the Colour: White in ColombiaWhile doing the Lost City trek in Colombia, our group got ambushed several times by gangs of cute Kogi children demanding that we surrender all the sweets we had with us. We knew it was probably not in their best interest, but who can resist a look like this?

To finish off, I must tag five other bloggers to enter the Capture the Colour contest:

  1. Mica from Travel This Earth
  2. Annie from TravelShus
  3. Adrian from Handcarry Only
  4. Charli & Ben from Wanderlusters
  5. Mark & Molly from Yonderblog

What do you think of these photos? Which is your favourite shot? Leave a comment and let me know! 


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