Colombian Dogs, Angels And Demons

Angry mutt chasing our bike in Colombia
Colombian dogs are very peculiar, some of them can be very sweet, playful and friendly; but others are downright nasty and willing to attact.

Street Art in Bogota

Graffiti in Bogota, Colombia
When I travel, I love to search for street art wherever I go. Come see what I found while looking for street art in Bogota

Macheta, Rock Climbing

Alain Denis climbing in Machetá (Cundinamarca), Colombia
Rock climbing in Macheta, another climbing zone not far from Suesca, is a challenging experience; definitely not for beginners!

Loosing It On The Way Back To Bogotá

Sunset from the road, Colombia
When we were returning to Bogota from El Peñol, we made a stop to fill up our tank and what happened at that gas station changed the course of our trip

El Peñol – Climbing A Monolith

El Peñol (Antioquia), Colombia
El Peñol is a monolith located on the outskirts of Guatapé, a small town that lies about 86 km northeast of Medellín (Colombia). This giant granite stone rises over 2000 meters above sea level

Guatape – A Pueblo From Fairy Tales

Beautiful house in Guatape (Antioquia), Colombia
Guatape is definitely one of the most beautiful towns I've seen in Colombia; it's very clean, the houses are decorated with colourful frescoes, and people are kind

Pan De Queso – Cheesely Delicious!

Pan de Queso
In Colombia, there are several funky types of bread some of my favourite are: pan de bono, pan de yuca, and now pan de queso. So delicious!

Hiding From Civilization at Hostal Medellin

When we visited Medellin, we found the perfect place to stay: Hostal Medellin, located in a spacious house with good location and a friendly host

Maceo – Rock Climbing Off The Beaten Path

Treking in Maceo
Maceo is the access point to a remote rock climbing location in the Antioquia department in Colombia. Getting there is a real adventure

Around Yolombó – Petroglyphs And Pozos For All

Petroglyphs around Yolombó, Colombia
When we visited Yolombo, we visited some of the sights in the area; our favourite were the petroglyphs and the natural pools in a nearby town.

Panela – The Purest Sweetness From The Cane

Last time I was in Colombia, I had the opportunity to visit a trapiche, a place where cane sugar is processed into panela; a typical south American sweetener

Learning All About Panela In A Beautiful Finca

When we visited Yolombó, we stayed in a beautiful finca built in the traditional Paisa style. It was a peaceful place full of vibrant colours

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