Bogota Botanical Garden

The Bogota Botanical Garden is a good option to escape the noise and chaos of this big Latin American capital

Bogotá – Museo Botero

Visiting the Museo Botero in Bogota was a great chance to see more of Botero's work and see some cool art from other artists as well

Suesca – The Place That Convinced Me To Stay

When I arrived to Suesca, I didn't know what I was getting myself into, I just wanted to get away from the noise of Bogota and I ended up climbing walls!

Bogotá – Museo De Arte Del Banco De La República

The Museo de Arte del Banco de la República in La Candelaria is a great option to see some contemporary art in Bogota, Colombia

A Change Of Plan & A Preview Of What’s Coming Next

Sometimes plans are meant to be broken; this was one of those times I changed my travel plans to accommodate what life was throwing at me

Bogota – Gold Museum

Museo del Oro de Bogotá
The Bogota Gold Museum in Colombia has one of the most impressive collections of native art in South America. Come see my photos!

Home-made Arepitas Dulces

One of the things I love most about visiting my mom, is getting my favourite meals prepared for me. Arepitas dulces are definitely at the top of my list!

Ajiaco at Restaurante Bururake

Ajiaco at Restaurante Bururake
Ajiaco is a soup typical from Bogota, in Colombia. However, you can have a very delicious one at Restaurante Bururake in Minca

The Best Chocolate Pudding

In my opinion, this is The best chocolate pudding in the world! Anytime I go to Barranquilla, I have to eat this cake at least four times!

La Sierra Nevada – High On Clouds And Colors

The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta NP is home to the world's highest coastal mountain range, reaching 5700 meters above sea level; it's well worth a visit.

My LASIK Surgery

All my time in Barranquilla has revolved around my LASIK surgery. I'd been wanting to have this done for a while to cut my dependence on contact lenses and eye glasses, since I was pretty much blind without them (I could not even see the first line of a Snellen chart). I would never leave my house without them,...


An afternoon at the Keukenhof, Holland

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