Tulip Fields Near Amsterdam: How to Avoid the Crowds

Purple tulips near Emmeloord in the Netherlands
Spring is definitely one of the best times to visit the Netherlands. As the weather gets warmer, the fields in the countryside start filling up with colourful flowers. It is quite an amazing sight and something that you should experience at least once. Each year, thousands of tourists come to the Netherlands to see this unique spectacle.However, most people...

Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, A Luxurious Escape Near Amsterdam

The beautiful Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg hotel in the Netherlands
The Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg hotel is housed in a chateau with a rich historic heritage, mixing classic style with modern design.

Amsterdam: Comfort and Style at the Albus Hotel

Guest room at the Albus Hotel in Amsterdam
Housed in a charming building in the heart of Amsterdam's historic Canal Belt, the Albus Hotel was the perfect base to come back to after a busy day exploring the Dutch capital. On this occasion, I was traveling on my own to enjoy a few days away from home to discover some of the highlights around Amsterdam. So I...

Amsterdam Food Tour: Discovering the Flavours of De Pijp

Indonesian food at the Twilight De Pijp Food Tour in Amsterdam
Follow along as we join an Amsterdam food tour to discover the diverse flavours of De Pijp, one of the city's most vibrant districts.

Graffiti: New York Meets the Dam at the Amsterdam Museum

Graffiti. New York Meets the Dam exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. For the first time ever, a museum exhibit shows how the early works of graffiti art in New York City influenced local artists in Amsterdam.

SAIL Amsterdam, the Biggest Event in the Netherlands

SAIL Amsterdam 2015
SAIL Amsterdam is not only the largest free nautical event in the world, it is also the biggest event in the Netherlands of any kind.

Best Seven Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

Reasons to Visit Amsterdam
If you are considering traveling to the Dutch capital, these are some of the best reasons to visit Amsterdam.

Step in the Arena: Eindhoven Street Art Festival

Mural by Boogies at Step in the Arena 2015 in Eindhoven, Netherl
I was glad to visit Step in the Arena, this Eindhoven street art festival gives you the chance to see the creative process that goes into these murals.

MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam, Comfort and Good Value

Entrance to the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam
Review of our stay at the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam City West, a modern and lively hotel next to Sloterdijk train station offering great value for families

Netherlands – Going Ape Over the Apenheul in Apeldoorn

Orangutan at the Apenheul in the Netherlands
The Apenheul, a primate and ape focused zoo, is a popular attraction in the Netherlands. Just an hour drive away from Amsterdam, it's the perfect day trip!

Female Blue-Eyed Black Lemur in Apenheul, Netherlands

Female blue-eyed black lemur in Apenheul (Apeldoorn), Netherland
When I visited the Apenheul in the Netherlands, my favourite creatures were the lemurs. This weekly photo is of a female blue eyed black lemur.

Flower Power at the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

Tulips at the Keukenhof 2014 in the Netherlands
Visiting the Keukenhof in Holland, the second biggest flower garden in the world, to experience the beauty of the colourful gorgeous tulips

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