Pastoruri Glacier, Witnessing the Effects of Climate Change

Pastoruri Glacier in Peru
The Pastoruri glacier used to attract thousands of tourists wanting to see one of the few glaciers in the tropics of South America. But in the last decades it's shrunk by half.

Hiking the Santa Cruz Trek Without a Guide

Beautiful view at the Santa Cruz trek in Peru
For experienced hikers, doing the Santa Cruz trek without a guide is not only doable, but there are also a few advantages to going independently.

Street Art in Lima

Street art in Lima (Peru)
Before getting to Lima, I had big expectations about the local urban art scene. I was not disappointed with the amazing street art in Lima.

Peru – Decertor Street Art in Lima

Street art in Lima, Perú by Decertor
El Decertor (a.k.a. DCT), one of the emerging talents on the scene of street art in Lima, is a street painter who features social and political themes.

In Defense of the Uros Islands in Peru

Uros floating islands in Peru
While traveling in South America, I met many travelers that were disappointed with the Uros Islands. In this post, I tell you how to have a memorable time

My Top 10 Adventures in South America for 2013

Me hiking to Frey in Bariloche, Argentina
A short list of my best adventures in South America, from climbing an active volcano to biking the most dangerous road in the world. Check it out!

Weekly Photo: Queen of the Andes

Puya Titanca, Puya Raimondi
The puya raimondii, also known as Queen of the Andes, is one of the most impressive plants on earth. When it flowers, it produces some 8000 flowers then it dies...

Weekly Photo: Paragliding in Lima

Paragliding in Lima
Before visiting Peru's capital, I didn't know paragliding in Lima is such a popular activity. Every afternoon there are tens of people flying around!

Lake Titicaca – Avoid the Crowds, Escape to Capachica

View of Titikaka Lake from Capachica, Peru
Lake Titicaca is one of the most visited sites in Peru; tours to the islands can feel crowded and commercial. The best option is to escape to Capachica!

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