Great Places to Stay in Pennsylvania

Places to Stay in Pensylvania
For travelers who are planning to visit, these are some great places to stay in Pennsylvania.

Best Hotels in Pittsburgh

Best Hotels in Pittsburgh
One of the most livable small cities in the US, it's also off the radar for most people. If you decide to visit, these are the best hotels in Pittsburgh.

Top Boutique Hotels in Santa Fe

Hotels in Santa Fe
If you are visiting the second oldest city in the United States, these are some of the best boutique hotels in Santa Fe.

Most Charming Independent Hotels in Sedona

Hotels in Sedona
Wether you want to enjoy the stunning landscape, soothe your senses at a spa, or tour the nearby wineries; these are some of the best hotels in Sedona.

Some of the Best Independent Boutique Hotels in California

Boutique Hotels in California
If you want to enjoy the best that the Golden State has to offer, these are some of the best boutique hotels in California.

Four Fabulous Boutique Hotels in New Mexico

Hotels in New Mexico
With its dramatic landscapes and rich cultural heritage, New Mexico has a lot to offer. If you visit, here are some fabulous boutique hotels in New Mexico.

Five Great Boutique Hotels in New York City and Beyond

Boutique Hotels in New York
If you are travelling to NYC or venturing out to Rochester, Buffalo or Long Island's Gold Coast, these boutique hotels offer comfort and luxury for a special holiday.

Great Boutique Hotels in Carlsbad, CA

Boutique Hotels in Carlsbad
If you are visiting this nice resort town and want to spend your days relaxing in a pleasant setting, these are some of the best boutique hotels in Carlsbad

Best Boutique Hotels in Midtown Manhattan

Boutique Hotels in Midtown Manhattan
With hundreds of places to stay in New York City, it is not easy to choose the right accommodation for your trip. In the Big Apple you can find several options, from luxurious five-star properties and chic boutique hotels to the most basic no-frills guest houses. If you are looking for a nice boutique hotel in Midtown Manhattan, these...

Six Alternative Hotels in Long Beach, CA

Hotels in Long Beach
Most local hotels belong to big chains, but if you want to stay in a place with unique character, these alternative hotels in Long Beach should do the trick.

Hipmunk City Love: My Seattle Bucket List

If I had the chance to visit again, I'd make sure to see all the spots on my Seattle bucket list.

The Best of San Francisco for Outdoor Lovers

San Francisco for Outdoor Lovers
Set on a privileged site in the Bay Area, San Francisco has many spots to enjoy nature. Here are some of the top places in San Francisco for outdoor lovers.

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