Best Gelato in Rome

The Best Gelato in Rome [Updated 2019]

Featuring 14 fantastic places, this is the ultimate guide for finding the best gelato in Rome. We've also included a map and useful tips to help you find your way!
Best Brunch Places in New York

38 of the Best Brunch Spots in NYC

This no BS list of the best brunch spots in NYC gives you only the top places to eat brunch by neighbourhood - Map Included!
Best Gelato in Venice

A Guide to the Best Gelato in Venice

In Venice, there are lots of places selling gelato; but if you're looking for the perfect scoop, these are the places to taste the best gelato in Venice.
Indonesian food at the Twilight De Pijp Food Tour in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Food Tour: Discovering the Flavours of De Pijp

Follow along as we join an Amsterdam food tour to discover the diverse flavours of De Pijp, one of the city's most vibrant districts.
La Pelúa from Arepera du Plateau in Montreal QC, Canada

Montreal – Three Spots to Satisfy your Cravings for Venezuelan Food

From arepas to cachitos to tequeños; these are three of my favourite spots to indulge my cravings for Venezuelan food when I visit Montreal. Bon apetit!
Houses in Montreal, QC (Canada)

Top 7 Cafes in Montreal to Work From

My top 7 favourite cafes in Montreal to work from, the ones that not only offer great coffee and wifi connection; but also other perks. Come have a look!

Shopping at the Jean Talon Market in Montreal

The Jean Talon market is the best farmer's market in Montreal; it's full of fresh food and beautiful colours, a must for any foodie in the city!
The spa at Hotel Terraza

Costa Brava – A Week of Pampering at Hotel Terraza

Spending a full week of pampering at Hotel Terraza; where I enjoyed Catalan hospitality and the proximity to Cap de Creus National Park.

Wine Tasting in Girona: La Vinyeta

Part of our itinerary was wine tasting in Girona, at La Vinyeta, a small family owned vineyard located in the heart of the Empordà region in Costa Brava

Balsamic Vinegar Tasting at Acetaia di Giorgio

My experience tasting traditional balsamic vinegar at Acetaia di Giorgio in Modena, Italy. It never occurred to me that vinegar could taste so sweet!

Eating Like A Roman

Exploring Rome's Campo de' Fiori market with Walks of Italy's Rome Food Tour

On How to Cook a 10€ Porcini Mushroom

In my nomadic lifestyle, I miss having a kitchen. During my time in Bologna, Italy I wanted to learn how to cook a porcini mushroom. Recipe inside!

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