Erabliere Sucrerie de la Montagne

If you're near Montreal, visiting the erabliere Sucrerie de la Montagne is a mus! This traditional sugar shack has been designated as a Quebec Heritage site

Arab Food in Bogota – Al Samira

Walking around La Candelaria district, we stumbled upon Al Samira a great place for Arab food in Bogota, offering tasty meals at budget prices

Wine Tasting In The Okanagan Valley

Back when I used to live in Montreal I had no idea about Canadian wines, but when I went wine tasting in the Okanagan Valley I was very impressed!

Crêpetto, Healthy Meals in Bogota

While looking for a healthy meal, we came across Crêpetto, a small creperie in the Normandia area, which is located not far from the airport in Bogota
Pan de Queso

Pan De Queso – Cheesely Delicious!

In Colombia, there are several funky types of bread some of my favourite are: pan de bono, pan de yuca, and now pan de queso. So delicious!

Panela – The Purest Sweetness From The Cane

Last time I was in Colombia, I had the opportunity to visit a trapiche, a place where cane sugar is processed into panela; a typical south American sweetener

Home-made Arepitas Dulces

One of the things I love most about visiting my mom, is getting my favourite meals prepared for me. Arepitas dulces are definitely at the top of my list!
Ajiaco at Restaurante Bururake

Ajiaco at Restaurante Bururake

Ajiaco is a soup typical from Bogota, in Colombia. However, you can have a very delicious one at Restaurante Bururake in Minca

The Best Chocolate Pudding

In my opinion, this is The best chocolate pudding in the world! Anytime I go to Barranquilla, I have to eat this cake at least four times!

Arepas at Hermanos Moya

Some people say that you haven't been to Margarita Island if you haven't tried the arepas at Hermanos Moya, a small kiosk by the road to Playa El Agua
Red Snapper with Rice, Salad and Plantain

Red Snapper at Bohio de Doña Carmen

The best meal we had in Isla de Coche was the dinner at Bohio de Doña Carmen. The place is small and colourful, with an open hall with views to the sea. It's very...
Cachapa con Queso Guayanés


Cachapas are a typical Venezuelan dish made from fresh corn dough and filled with some local varieties of cheese, like the Guayanés or Queso de mano

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