SAIL Amsterdam 2015

SAIL Amsterdam, the Biggest Event in the Netherlands

SAIL Amsterdam is not only the largest free nautical event in the world, it is also the biggest event in the Netherlands of any kind.
Crown at Casa de la Moneda in Potosi, Bolivia

Revisiting History at Casa de la Moneda in Potosi

Back in the day, this place was one of the largest and richest cities of the world. Today, you can revisit its lavish past at Casa de la Moneda in Potosi.
Mural by Boogies at Step in the Arena 2015 in Eindhoven, Netherl

Step in the Arena: Eindhoven Street Art Festival

I was glad to visit Step in the Arena, this Eindhoven street art festival gives you the chance to see the creative process that goes into these murals.
Street art in Lima (Peru)

Street Art in Lima

Before getting to Lima, I had big expectations about the local urban art scene. I was not disappointed with the amazing street art in Lima.
Street art in Cochabamba by Steep

Cochabamba, The Best Place for Street Art in Bolivia

The Urban Art Biennale has successfully put Cochabamba on the map as an authentic urban art destination and the best place to see street art in Bolivia.
Street art in Lima, Perú by Decertor

Peru – Decertor Street Art in Lima

El Decertor (a.k.a. DCT), one of the emerging talents on the scene of street art in Lima, is a street painter who features social and political themes.
Fall colours in Quebec, Canada

Canada: Fall Colours in Quebec

Weekly Photo: the fall colours in Quebec are one of the most beautiful sights in Canada, as the maple trees turn all shades of yellow, orange and red.
Third Festival of Folk Music & Dances in La Paz, Bolivia

Folkloric Dances And Music in La Paz, Bolivia

My favourite part of travelling in Bolivia, was experiencing the local culture. While I was in the capital, I was lucky to see the folkloric dances and music in La Paz
Architecture in Cuenca, Ecuador

The Charming Architecture of Cuenca, Ecuador

With its year-round spring-like weather and its charming architecture, Cuenca (Ecuador) is one of the country's most attractive cities for expats and tourists
Gay Pride 2013 in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Gay Pride in Cochabamba

When I attended Gay Pride in Cochabamba, I realised that Cocha is not only the fourth biggest city it's also one of the most progressive in Bolivia.
Egg sculpture at Casa Museu Salvador Dalí in Port Lligat, Spain

Stepping into Salvador Dali’s Surreal World

It took decades for Salvador Dalí and his muse, Gala, to finish this enchanting villa in Costa Brava, Spain. Come have a look at his surreal private retreat!
Tulips at the Keukenhof 2014 in the Netherlands

Flower Power at the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland

Visiting the Keukenhof in Holland, the second biggest flower garden in the world, to experience the beauty of the colourful gorgeous tulips

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