Angel sculpture at Montjuic's cemetery

To Do in Barcelona: Visit Montjuic’s Cemetery

If you're looking for something different to do in Barcelona, why don't you check out the free guided visits of Montjuic's cemetery?

Street Art in Modena

When I visit the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, I was happy to find some really cool street art in Modena; murals by Blu, Ericailcane and Nunca

Scenes from New York

Enjoy some of the best random scenes I came across on my trip to New York City!

Bologna Street Art

Bologna Street Art by Blu and EricaIlcane, featuring the Frontier project as part of BlogVille in the Emilia Romagna region in Italy

Barcelona – Cinema Under the Stars at the Montjuic

Each summer next to the Castle of Montjuic in Barcelona, there are movie projections a couple of nights a week; a nice thing to do if you're visiting!

Berlin Street Art

Berlin Street Art: last time, I found my usual favourite artists: Blu, Alice Pasquini, StinkFish, Honet. Plus I visited the Turmkunst, an amazing site for urban art!

A Preview of the Festa di Santa Croce

When we visited the little town of Carzano, they showed us a sample of the hand made flowers used to decorate the streets during the Festa di Santa Croce.

An Afternoon Wandering Through Dozza

Check out the paintings on the walls of the capital of modern frescoes, Dozza!

The Mille Miglia as a Solo Woman

By pure chance, I ended up stamping the Mille Miglia's racers cards during my time in Bologna; and I stumbled upon Silvia Oberti, a remarkable woman.

Montreal – Butterflies Go Free

Butterflies Go Free is a yearly event organised by the Montreal Insectarium that takes place at the Botanical Garden, where you can see lots of butterflies!

Street Art in Bogota, Part II

Walking around Bogota's colonial district, La Candelaria; I found some awesome murals. Come check them out!

Saint Patrick’s Parade in Montreal

The Saint Patrick's Parade in Montreal is the oldest of its kind in North America after the one in New York. Everyone dresses in green and celebrates!

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