An Early Start To Barranquilla’s Carnival Celebrations

Barranquilla's Carnival celebrations start almost right after Christmas. Weeks before the big events, the city transforms into a party place

Close Encounters With Canadian Wildlife

While in Canada I enjoyed having the chance to photograph so much Canadian wildlife: elks, seals, moose, coyotes, raccoons, otters, and geese among others.

Seattle – Admiring The Architecture & More

During our time in British Columbia, we took a couple of road trips across the border to visit Seattle, a city with some awesome architecture and more.

Montreal Street Art

Walking around my former hometown to find the best Montreal street art; I was not disappointed as I saw many creative and colourful murals.

Visiting The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller

An afternoon roaming among dinosaurs in the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, which houses Canada’s largest collection of prehistoric fossils.

Whale Watching in Tofino

The season for whale watching in Tofino runs from March to October, so it was the perfect time for me to watch these majestic mammals and cross off item 30 on my bucket list.

Tayrona National Park – Saving The Best For Last

The Tayrona National Park is a protected area 34 Km away from Santa Marta; some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia are located here
The Hermit, Chemainus BC, Canada

Chemainus – The Little Town That Did

After the closure of their mill, the people of Chemainus came up with the idea to decorate their town with artists' murals that celebrates their heritage

Whistler, BC – Fun Up In The Mountains

During my trip to Canada, I had the chance to visit Whistler a couple of times and enjoyed hiking in the surrounding mountains and hanging out in the village
Graffiti in Bogota, Colombia

Street Art in Bogota

When I travel, I love to search for street art wherever I go. Come see what I found while looking for street art in Bogota
Beautiful house in Guatape (Antioquia), Colombia

Guatape – A Pueblo From Fairy Tales

Guatape is definitely one of the most beautiful towns I've seen in Colombia; it's very clean, the houses are decorated with colourful frescoes, and people are kind

Salento – A Colourful Pueblo In The Heart Of The Coffee Zone

Salento, a small town in the heart of the Coffee zone in Colombia, is the perfect base for doing the trek to the Valle del Cócora, a beautiful green valley

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