Climbing Gym in Bogota: Gran Pared


During my last stay in Bogota, I wanted to get my climbing fix before continuing my journey to the Atlantic coast. Somehow, I knew this was it for a while! As it happens often in Bogota, rain was pretty much constant. Sometimes that can dampen anyone’s will to get out & play. So a visit to the nearby town of  Suesca was out of the question.

Fortunately, for those rainy occasions there is always the option of hitting a gym. After a friend’s recommendation, it was time to pay a visit to Gran Pared, a rock climbing gym in Bogota located in the Chapinero district.

The gym is camouflaged among brick residential buildings, so it’s easy to miss the entrance. Once inside, it’s a whole different history. The place is quite big, in fact, it’s considered to be one of the biggest in Latin America. So there is no lacking in space or routes. However, I found that the routes were either kinda easy or quite hard. There was not much offering at the intermediate level. There is also a bouldering cave if you don’t have a partner to climb with.

 Gran Pared, a climbing gym in Bogota (Colombia)

A day pass costs $14000 COP (about 6€); but that doesn’t include any gear. For more info about fees and how to get there make sure to visit their website (in Spanish only).

Gran Pared
Carrera 7, nº 50-02. 
Carril sentido Sur-Norte
Tel. +(571) 285 0903

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