Most Colorful Instagram Accounts

15 of the Most Colorful Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Up Your Day

Let’s start the new year on a bright note! The following are some of the most colorful Instagram accounts out there. These guys remind us that the world is indeed a very colorful place. They will add a splash of energy to your Instagram feed and inspire you to brighten up your own photography.

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Mexican graphic designer Alva Trejo shares with us her cotton candy view of the world, mixing snaps of her life in Mexico, her travels and her lovely baby niece.

Instagram: @alvatrejo



Italian artist Marco Morciano has a thing for yellow marks. He created this account to showcase yellow marks, both his own and from other users. For a chance to be featured tag your shots with #ayellowmark.

Instagram: @ayellowmark



Based in New York, product designer Sam Ushiro lives in a candy colored world full of confetti and donuts. Have a look at her blog, where she posts sweet DIY projects.

Instagram: @aww.sam



Also based in New York, interior design author Will Taylor inspires people to add more color to their lives. Every week, he delights us with his choices for 10 things he enjoyed on weekends.

Instagram: @brightbazaar



Marjorie Lacombe is the creative voice behind the Kipi blog, a space that feeds our imagination with pastel tones. She has a keen eye for color and impeccable design.

Instagram: @creativekipi



Color lover Holly Fox bakes some of the most adorable cookies we have seen on Instagram. Her sweet creations come in beautiful colors and are available on Etsy.

Instagram: @hol_fox



Spanish artist Jesuso Ortiz mixes illustrations with ordinary objects to create delicate compositions. His style is playful and original.

Instagram: @jesuso_ortiz



Leticia Ramos is the talented designer behind one of the most popular color Instagram accounts. Her gallery is full of rainbows, confetti, and pure joy.

Instagram: @letizilla



Chicago artist Mari Orr is on a mission to capture the world’s beauty in the most colorful way and to make people smile. Her gallery features shots of her paintings and her creative space.

Instagram: @meandering_mari



Art director Mireia Ruiz likes to feature those little things she finds interesting in everyday life. She’s also a painter and likes to express her moods through colors.

Instagram: @mireiaysuscosas



Architect Monling Lee likes to combine bold and colorful outfits with the urban landscapes of her hometown, Washington DC. For more check out her blog.

Instagram: @monlinglee



Blogger Alyssa Garrison lives in a world of sparkly surprises and glitter. Her project Random Acts of Pastel actually started as street art concept when she started painting everyday objects around Toronto in pastel colors.

Instagram: @randomactsofpastel



Based in Atlanta, Sophie Loghman’s gallery is full of pretty houses, colorful adventures and pink everything! She also started the hashtag #happyhousedreams to showcase her love for pretty houses.

Instagram: @sophlog



Stylist Leslie Schneider considers herself a visual optimist. Her gallery features vibrant shots that will brighten up your day and will make you want to raid her closet!

Instagram: @splendid_rags



Also from Mexico, Mr. Pink or Jesús Castillo is a graphic designer who believes in the power of pink, in all of its variations. For him, pink is a state of mind. For more, follow him on Facebook and read his interview on

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Do you follow any inspiring colorful Instagram accounts that you would like to recommend? Share it with us in the comments section!

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