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Guest writing opportunities from other bloggers are welcomed. For any questions, comments, or requests for additional information, you can always email us at:

bianca [at] nomadbiba [dot] com

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  • I think you are doing exactly the right thing… I’m down the same path, yet i have still everything before me – the giving up, quitting job etc. :-) Life is about experience, and as long as i live i want to experience and support / catalyze amazing projects that create a positive change! Cheers

  • Hi, I saw your blog on the Featured Blogs on Newspaper 9 tagdiv. I’m creating a blog, genealogy related and really like how you set up your destinations, particularly because the continents are tags rather than categories: Just curious how you did that? I haven’t figured out a way to add a tag to a menu.


  • Well, I figured out how to do it right after I contacted you. Hey like your blog!

    • Hey Stacey, Nice to hear you figured it out :) Let me know if you have any other questions about my set-up. I’d be glad to help! Have a great day!

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