Wine Tasting in Girona: La Vinyeta

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During the past couple of weeks, I was one of the lucky bloggers who enjoyed the hospitality of the Costa Brava region in northeastern Spain, as part of the post TBEX conference activities. Since Costa Brava was selected by National Geographic as one of the Top Destinations in the World for 2012, my expectations were high and I was looking forward to experience what this region has to offer.

Wine Tasting in Girona: La Vinyeta winery in Empordà
Part of our itinerary was wine tasting in Girona, at La Vinyetaa small family owned vineyard in the heart of the Empordà region  Now, after a few days of heavy wine and spirits consumption at TBEX I really wasn’t ready for any sort of wine tasting; but as owner Josep Serra started presenting La Vinyeta’s wine selection and explaining the origins of their concepts, I couldn’t resist.

Wine Tasting in Girona: La Vinyeta winery in Empordà
Their signature wines (Heus, Llavors and Punt i Apart) are structured as if they were part of a unique story. From the starting “Once upon a time” for the Heus label, the freshest and youngest of their wines; which is produced in red, white and rosé varieties. Passing on to the Llavors (it can be translated as “then”), which signals an evolution after spending six months in oak casks. The story is completed with the distinct Punt i Apart (which translates to “full stop”); La Vinyeta’s flagship wine, and my definite favorite, which stays 13 months in oak casks.

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Wine Tasting in Girona: La Vinyeta winery in Empordà
Besides their great tasting wines, another aspect that sets La Vinyeta apart from other wineries is their superb design. The work of Lluís Serra, Josep’s brother, has been recognized for its originality in their packaging, logo design and the naming of their products. Every detail of their concept is well thought out and has a reason for being there, from start to finish, as the story goes.

Wine Tasting in Girona: La Vinyeta winery in Empordà
The passion that this family feels for great wine and clever design is reflected in their work and it’s hard not to be captivated by their story.

As mentioned above, this visit was courtesy of TBEX and the Visit Costa Brava organization. However, all opinions and comments are strictly my own.

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  • Mary Jo Manzanares

    We stopped by La Vinyeta independently and enjoyed a little tasting. The wines were enjoyable, and we bought some to send home. I like the winery dog, too.

    • I wish I could have brought some wine with me as well, but being a nomad it’s kind of tricky. The dog was cool, too! I remember how much he loved to play and fetch that big rock LOL

    • MaryJo, We will be there next summer for our son’s wedding. I was looking over wineries and came across your post. Can you suggest wineries and cultural sites for us to visit? Bride’s family is from Beirut but are restauranteurs and well travelled. By the way, great to see your post–see you for the 50th reunion. Greg

  • Beautiful post and it was great to share so many memories with you.

    This lunch was one of my favorite of the trip. The personal passion that the family put into everything at the vineyard really stood out to me. Laura and I have been looking everywhere for the wine since getting home and have yet to find it, but when we do I know we’ll be buying some.

    Cuca the dog was awesome as well. She loved that rock!

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