Crêpetto, Healthy Meals in Bogota

Delicious crêpe at Crêpetto

Following our stay at the heavenly Tayrona National Park, we had to return to the capital to pick up our things and deal with the reality of going to Canada next. After a busy afternoon of packing and arranging transportation from Suesca to Bogota, we finally made it to the city by the end of the day. Our flight was leaving early in the morning, so we decided to stay at a hotel close to the airport, instead of going to a more tourist-friendly zone.

Packing it all in Suesca
We ended up staying in a tiny hotel facing the über busy Carrera 72 in the Normandia area. Given the proximity to the airport, hotels in this area charge outrageous prices that wouldn’t fly anywhere else. Imagine, we had to fork out $90,000 COP for a night in a room that was barely the size of a small double bed. Compare that with the $40,000 COP/per night we payed in Medellin! After settling in our room, we went out to get a bite to eat. We didn’t have high expectations about this neighborhood. We just wanted to avoid the typical dish of rice, beans and meat.

As usual, it was a dark and rainy evening in the city. We browsed the streets for alternatives, not really knowing where to go. We turned around a corner, into what seemed like a residential street, and noticed a tiny restaurant that looked all warm and cozy. It turned out to be a crêperie. We immediately decided to give it a try!

Dessert at Crepetto

Everything we ordered that night was simply delicious. We shared two crêpes for main courses: one with spinach and tomatoes, the other was with roasted red peppers. For dessert, we shared a luscious Nutella crêpe. We were very impressed not only with the food, but also with our waitress. She was the only person working there. So she did everything: from taking our order to preparing it all! We thought she might be the owner as well, but it turned out she was just an amazing worker! We complimented her on her cooking. This was one of the best meals we enjoyed during our time in Colombia.

Crêpetto Gourmet: Calle 71C, #52-39 / Tel: +57 1 263 4478


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