Cuyagua, a Piece of Paradise


When I arrived to Cuyagua, I thought it was nothing short of a little piece of paradise on earth. I went there with an old friend from my years living in Caracas. We arrived late at night so we just left our things at the hotel and then we went to the beach to enjoy a magnificent starry sky. As soon as we got there, I saw a shooting star. It was so beautiful that I didn’t dare to ask for a wish, I was only able to whisper an astonished “thank you” to the universe. A few minutes later, another shooting star-crossed the sky; this one was bigger and even more beautiful than the first one, I could not help laughing when I asked this time for a wish.

Cuyagua is located within the Henri Pittier National Park, the oldest national park in Venezuela. We actually came here because my friend has started a project for building a baseball field for the town, so he knows his way around quite well. He tells me that people here are very much involved in the upkeep of their town and that they prefer to personally take care of their own safety and not leave it to the police. In fact, at the beach entrance there is a sign that warns: “El que robe será coñazeado”, which translates to “those who steal will be beaten up”. It seems to work, there is a more relaxed and peaceful feeling here, and you don’t find that in other places in Venezuela these days.

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When visiting Cuyagua, a good thing to keep in mind is that if you go during the week you will probably enjoy the beach all to yourself. I was there on a Friday by myself, while my friend was running his errands in town, and the people who were closest to me were about 250 meters away. The next day the same beach was unrecognisable, full of cars and people camping with loud music.




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