Dick Dale – Miserlou

Yesterday we had a really long day of ridding on the motorbike. We left from Suesca as soon as we got a short break from the drizzling enveloping the mountains. Our intention was to get to Barichara in the early afternoon and spend the night there before continuing to La Mojarra, near Bucaramanga. However, we missed the exit to Barbosa in Tunja and continued towards Sogamoso instead. By the time we realized our mistake, it was too late to turn back. We had to keep pushing on and take an alternate way that passes through some interesting landscapes.

During our ride Dick Dale’s Miserlou played in our ears, the perfect track for our odissey, if you ask me. Oh, and yes, that is a surfboard hanging from the side of the motorbike. Let’s see how is the road today!


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  • Nice tune… I like it!!!

  • que chevere….im living my past memories vicariously through you….love the blog, love the tunes..
    dont stop moving, keep grooving, rolling to the sound of the beat, soothing those itchy feet….
    buena onda y feliz viaje

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