Guatape – A Pueblo From Fairy Tales

Beautiful house in Guatape (Antioquia), Colombia

Guatape is a small town that lies at the foot of El Peñol, just some 80 Km from Medellin. It’s one of those little pueblos that has developed its own particular style. Here, all the houses are painted in bright beautiful colours with frescoes that seem to be taken out of children’s books.

Hand-painted fresco in Guatape
According to Wikipedia, the name Guatapé comes from the Quéchua language, and it relates to “stones and water”.

Church in Guatape (Antioquia), Colombia
Even the church is painted in bright and contrasting colours. The different motifs of the frescoes on the houses’ walls are references to the products sold by the shops, the beliefs of the residents, or the farming heritage of the community.

Hand-painted frescoes in Guatape (Antioquia), Colombia
Even this fountain that is on one of the side streets seems to be out of some fairy-tale!

Fountain in Guatape

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  1. Hullo hullo–I just stumbled across your blog and am browsing through all of these gems that you’ve documented. I can’t believe more people haven’t commented on this post, what a bizarrely cute town!

    • Hi Cassandra and thanks for stopping by! I was very surprised by this little town as well, the area is very pretty and everything is so clean and pristine. It was a really nice trip!


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