I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Barcelona

The cool people of  Go With Oh  are currently running  their  Blogger Competition  to find their next guest blogger to travel with to 4 major European cities for the next fall/winter season. At the moment,  Sherry Ott, is enjoying and updating us about her amazing experiences across Europe as she Goes with Oh to  Berlin,  Rome,  Venice,  and  Vienna.

Also, Go With Oh wants their fans to help them pick their next destination to add to their list! You simply need to go to their Facebook page and submit your suggestion for a chance to win some amazing prices, like an IPad or a Panasonic digital camera! So make sure to check this competition, too!

I would love to go back to Barcelona because just like Oh, my journey started in the Catalan capital, the last place I called home. It’s been over a year since I left and I’d like to go back and experience the city though different eyes, from another perspective. Also, I’d like to go back to some of my favorite hangouts and share them with you! Here is my wish list:

1. I’d love to stay in Gracia

If I get to Go With Oh to Barcelona, I’d definitely try to get an appartment in the Gracia disctrict. I always wanted to live there, but finding an unfurnished flat, with a terrace that was not falling apart, and at a budget friendly price without knowing the right person proved to be impossible for me :( You just don’t find those in the classifieds.

2. Visit the Palau Güell

When visiting Barcelona, Gaudi’s architecture is a must see. I’ve visited many of his buildings here, but I never got the chance to see the Palau Güell as it spent a long time undergoing some restoration work.

3. Enjoy some time around Barceloneta

Having the beach right at the city is simply luxury! It’s a great place for an early jog or a nice bike ride. Besides, you never really know what you’re going to find there. You might be surprised by some great street performers, sculptures made of sand or simply by people going around in their birthday suit!

4. A day trip to Cadaqués 

Located just a couple of hours away from Barcelona, Cadaqués is a charming coastal town with cobble stoned streets and pretty little houses. And it’s been a popular destination for many renowned artists, such as Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. It’s a beautiful place to recharge one’s batteries and get inspired!

 5. The Nightlife 

Barcelona has a very rich nightlife, with lots of offerings for a broad range of tastes and budgets! Wandering through the narrow streets of the older districts, one can stumble upon bars that seem almost clandestine and all. One of my favorite night events, were the Taboo nights at the Apolo; a monthly burlesque show.

 So please, please, please Oh! Take me back to Barcelona!

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