I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Berlin

The cool people of  Go With Oh  are currently running  their  Blogger Competition  to find their next guest blogger to travel with to 4 major European cities for the next fall/winter season. At the moment,  Sherry Ott, is enjoying and updating us about her amazing experiences across Europe as she Goes with Oh to  Berlin,  Rome,  Venice,  and  Vienna.

Also, Go With Oh wants their fans to help them pick their next destination to add to their list! You simply need to go to their Facebook page and submit your suggestion for a chance to win some amazing prices, like an IPad or a Panasonic digital camera! So make sure to check this competition, too!

So if given the chance to Go With Oh, I’d definitely would choose Berlin as one of my destinations! After all, the German capital is one of my favorite cities in Europe. There’s so much to explore in Berlin that I can never get enough of it; but some of my favorite things to do whenever I get a chance to visit are:

1. Contemporary Art

There are so many museums & galleries in Berlin showcasing innovative artwork from both local and international artists that I always feel like I could do something new every week and never get tired of it! When I’m in town, I always check what’s going on at some of my favorite spaces: The Hamburger BahnhofThe Neue NationalgalerieThe Deutsche GuggenheimSammlung BorosHelmut Newton Stiftung, among others.

2. The History

Berlin has a very rich history that has left deep imprints on its grounds. All over the city, you can see monuments from its past and leftovers of tough times that are constant reminders of the hardships that the nation has overcome. In Berlin, history is very much present.

3. The Architecture

One of the things I like most about this city is how diverse the architecture is. Going through the different districts, one can appreciate the few older buildings that are still left standing while at other places, the old and the new come together to create a whole new landscape.

4. The Street Art

In Berlin, art is not left to be admired only within the walls of its many museums and galleries. As you walk around the city, art can be found all over the streets. Some of the most impressive murals I’ve ever seen in my life were there.

5. The Green Spaces

Apart from an amazing cultural offering, Berlin also counts with many green spaces to enjoy nature right in the middle of the city: The most prominent being, of course, the Tiergarten; a very recommended place for a nice and long jog, or a simple stroll.

Please, please, please, Oh! Take me to Berlin!

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