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Located just 22 kilometers from San Gil, the Juan Curi waterfall is a popular day trip in the area. After experiencing the scorching heat during the walk from Barichara to Guane, it was clear that the best way to spend our days in San Gil was finding a place to relax by the water. So we decided to go check out the Cascada de Juan Curí.

To get there, we took the road to Charalá. But since there was some heavy construction work going on, it took us longer than expected. Also, the sign to the waterfall is not very clear and we missed the entrance.

Works on the road between San Gil and Charalá, Colombia

We finally reached our destination at about noon. It was Tuesday, so there were not that many people. After paying the entrance and parking fee ($7000 COP/per person and $2000 COP, respectively), we started our way up to the waterfall.

This time, I carried Ayla. The trail was easy enough, even though it was all uphill and it was a hot day. It only took us about 20 – 30 minutes to get to the top and we practically had the place to ourselves.

Carrying Ayla to the Juan Curi waterfall in Colombia

Getting to the second part of the waterfall is a bit trickier, however. Since I was not feeling very confident on the slippery rocks, Edwin carried Ayla on this stretch. There are some ropes to help you get up to the top.

Climbing up at Juan Curi waterfall near San Gil, Colombia

The waterfall was beautiful and the surrounding nature was lush and green. There was shade and a cool breeze coming from the waterfall. Edwin and Ayla could not wait to get into the cold water. Me, on the other hand… Let’s just say I’m happy my baby didn’t inherit my aversion to cold water.

We spent about an hour at the waterfall before we decided to go to a place where we could relax in the sun. Our host at the hostel had recommended the river near Curutí, a small town north of San Gil; so we went there to spend the rest of our afternoon.

Have you visited the Juan Curi waterfall? What other attractions would you recommend around San Gil? Share your tips in the comments section bellow!

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