For generations, Lego bricks have fueled the imagination of both children and adults alike. For many of us, some of our  fondest childhood memories stem from our Lego creations. And I know more than a few people, my boyfriend included, who think that one of the biggest perks of parenthood is being able to play again with Lego guilt-free. Today, Lego is the biggest toy company in the world, beating even Barbie on sales. So it’s not surprising that Time Magazine recently ranked Lego on the first place of its list of the most influential toys of all time.

In Instagram, Lego fans have an ideal outlet to display their fantasy worlds. And just like in any realm of the Instagram universe, there are many different styles to do Lego photos. For all of you brick lovers out there, I’ve prepared a selection that I hope you’ll enjoy :)



Instagram: @awminimal

It is no secret that minimalism is big on IG. Well, it turns out that Legoland has not escaped this minimal craze. And this is one of the best profiles to follow if you like to mix Lego figures with a minimalist style.



Instagram: @bibicik

London-based filmmaker, Beril Elhadef lets her love for Lego shine through her photos. Her gallery is filled with beautifully composed images with a humorous touch.



Instagram: @legojacker

This mobile photographer based in Melbourne (Australia) likes to take his Lego characters out to the real world. After he was featured by Instagram as a suggested user, he became one of the most popular Lego accounts out there.



Instagram: @legotravellers

Craig and Lindsey, originally from Scotland, are a globe-trotting pair currently travelling around Australia. They are better known as the Lego Travellers, a tiny brick couple on a round-the-world adventure. If travel inspiration is what you’re after, you must check out these guys!



Instagram: @macrolegouniverse

With its cinema style photos, you’re going to want to see Macro Lego Universe‘s gallery on a big screen.  They recreate movie scenes in their photos and videos. They also post tutorials on how they create their special effects on their website.



Instagram: @mrstormtrooper

As his bio states, Mr. Stormtrooper TK-420 “got bored on the Dark Side and started taking it easy”. This is what life looks like when a Stormtrooper decides to go on a career break.



Instagram: @nathansawaya

New York based artist Nathan Sawaya (a.k.a. The Brick Artist) builds three-dimensional sculptures and mosaics from Lego bricks. His works are truly astonishing, Sawaya has taken the art of Lego building to new heights.



Instagram: @oglemylego

Ogle My Lego celebrates the life of Lego urbanites figurines. Its characters are featured in scenes out of an Ikea catalogue, drinking at the beach, doing a flamenco show, etc. All the very mundane stuff people do, shown in an original way.



Instagram: @thelegopilot

Based in London, the Lego Pilot chronicles the life of an airline pilot.  This account is managed by an anonymous British pilot and it became a big sensation in social media after it launched earlier this year.



Instagram: @theshortnews

Sean is a tax lawyer by day, but at night he browses the internet looking for interesting news from all over the world. He then recreates the images using Lego figures. It makes for a great read, where sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction.



Instagram: @titovlonda

Based in Amsterdam, Titov Londa has cool Lego gallery with a humorous touch. It’s almost impossible to browse his IG feed without smiling.



Instagram: @tobiatchi

Art director Tobias Ottenfelt has created his own Lego City to shoot from. His images are mostly black and white and feature urban scenes with a very particular feel. One of the most unusual Lego galleries that I’ve seen.


So there you have them! If you like any of these Igers’ galleries, don’t be shy and follow them :) Also, check out our other posts on the Best of Instagram series:

Next time, I’m preparing a nice round-up of my favourite Instagrammers to follow from London, so stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at my Instagram profile and check out my latest shots:


Do you follow any awesome Lego Instagram accounts that you’d like to recommend? Leave us a comment and let us know! 



  1. Nice list! Also check out some aggregators like @Bricknetwork @Brickcentral @Toyslagram etc… Also love the photos by @itomizer lately great variety


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