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As my birthplace, London has a very special place in my heart, even if I have not spent too much time living there. Still, I love it every time when I get a chance to visit and it’s always nice to look at photos from this cosmopolitan city. For this round-up I’ve selected some of my favourite London Instagram accounts, which hopefully will inspire you to visit soon!



Instagram @ecolephotoUrban photographer Emanuel Cole has become one of London’s rising Instagram stars — specially after he was named a suggested user in 2013. His photography is influenced by the area where he grew up, East London. You can catch more of his brilliant images on his Tumblr blog.



Instagram @greatarsenalOpe Odueyungbo is an East London-based street photographer with a keen eye for symmetry. His images show the many faces of London, from dark back streets to fancy staircase shots; from the underground to the views high above the city. You should follow @greatarsenal for a taste of London’s urban vibe.



Instagram @jacobLandscape photographer Jacob Riglin is a young student who lives just outside of London. His Instagram gallery is full of dreamy images of London that border on the surreal. According to his website, he’ll soon embark on a four months trip. We will all be able to follow his adventures on his IG profile. Good luck!



Instagram @jenniferelizabeth_What first caught my eye from Jennifer’s gallery is the warmth that radiates from her images. I also love the sandy tones that she uses. It makes for a consistent look that is always nice to look at. Even though she doesn’t see herself as a photographer, she has a great eye for beauty.



Instagram @johnathancrawlsJonathan Crawley got his first real taste of photography on a trip to Costa Rica. He’s now a passionate Iger who shoots mostly with his iPhone. His images have a really nice composition and show London in a very unique way.



Instagram @mauriceandkingA woman who wears many hats, Kate Paillat is a writer, photographer, graphic designer, social media consultant and mother of two kids. Her gallery is full of pretty images that are subtly colourful. As a newbie mom, I particularly enjoy the photos of her children, they are very sweet.



Instagram @mrwhisperFreelance creative director Mr Whisper has become one of London’s Instagram sensations. He specializes in street photography and his images are sleek and cool. In his early days on IG, he used to shoot portraits of people in the metro. And the underground still has a major role in his gallery.



Instagram @rhymeswithcoffeeWhen I first saw Ana’s gallery, I couldn’t believe that London could be such a colourful place. Looking at her images one can discover some of London’s hidden gems. Plus, there are lots of nice coffee shots, too!



Instagram @roselladegoriRosella Degori is an Italian based in London who likes to show on her gallery some very poetic images of this megacity. I love the pastel tones of her photos. Along with other nice London Instagramers, she also participates in the account @housesofldn a joint project that features  the best shots of London’s prettiest houses. Also worth a look!



Instagram @sixsevensixThe gallery of Robin H brings followers to London’s most quiet and peaceful corners. He has a very consistent stream of nicely composed images. Also, he often features some lovely vintage cars in his photos.



Instagram @thebowlermanWhat could be more classically London than a gentleman wearing a bowler hat while exploring the city? Sean Byrne, the man behind The Bowler Man, showcases some of London most iconic views by following the steps of this traditionally clad gent.



Instagram @tschangTun Chang is a Malaysian living in London. His IG gallery is consistently beautiful. He’s a big fan of capturing spontaneous and unexpected moments of his daily life with his iPhone. To see London from his eyes, follow along!


Also, if you’re in London and would like to connect with other Instagram fans, check out these groups:


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For next time, I’m preparing a special round-up of Instagram accounts to follow for dog lovers. So stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look at my Instagram profile and check out my latest shots:

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Do you follow any awesome London Instagram accounts that you’d like to recommend? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

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  • Great list – London is one of the most picturesque cities I’ve been to. I’ve got some great photos from my visit in the summer of 2012.

    • Thanks, Vern! I’m glad you enjoyed my selection :) And I agree with you that London is great for photos, I can’t wait to go back!

  • Thank you so much Bianca, I’m honoured to be amongst some great instagrammers and friends here. I’m very happy your enjoying The Bowler Man.
    Long may your tremendous support continue.

  • @shoottheunderground is another awesome page. Dedicated to nothing but the London Underground, I think it’s worth a mention, especially as so many people internationally (such as myself) love the Underground.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Khalifa! I agree with you. I’ve seen a few great underground accounts lately, so I’m thinking about doing a post listing some of my favourites. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  • Interesting list, I’ll have a look. Just one more suggestion is @londonhistorian Really interesting account.

  • Great suggestions, I would also recommend prettycitylondon and prettylittlelondon (same person?). I love what they are doing and how they repost people’s pictures. Prefer the latter as they post the full image and are very responsive, but they are both great!

    • I’m sorry for the late reply, Abigail. I’m glad you liked this list :) And both prettycitylondon and prettylittlelondon are great recommendations as well! Thanks for reading and contributing!

  • Hey Bianca, thanks a lot for these! Some really amazing photos there.

    I’ve recently moved to London, and am starting to post some really interesting photos on my account as well –

    Thanks again,

    • Hi, Henry. Yes, these accounts feature some great photography. I hope you enjoy your time in London and I’m looking forward to see your view of the city. Thanks for stopping by!

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