Macanao: Horseback Riding in Margarita Island


When I visited Margarita Island, I had the opportunity to go horseback riding in the Península de Macanao, on the west part of the island. It was a hot and sunny afternoon, but there was also a nice cooling breeze. The ride lasts two hours, one hour on the hills and another hour on the beach. We payed 330 BsF per each adult, but children only pay 270 BsF. In the end it was only my sister, my mother, my niece and myself the ones who decided to ride. My brother and brother-in-law preferred waiting for us with my baby nephew. Neither of us had ridden in a while so we were all excited about our little excursion; and after listening to a brief explanation from the owner about the do’s & don’ts with their horses, we set out on the trail along with our two guides.

View in Macanao, Isla de Margarita (Venezuela)
We were going up the hills in a line, I was in the middle with my horse Mosquito, a nice little white horse; followed by my mom on her mare Pimienta, which was also white. We were all laughing and joking while we enjoyed the scenery, it was quite green because it had rained a lot during those days, but it’s usually very arid in this part of the island. It was also nice to see the sea blending with the blue sky  from the top of the hills.

Slowly but surely, we started our descend to approach the beach. In order to get there, we had to cross the road; it was OK, but my mom’s mare didn’t seem to like that too much. And once we finally reached the shore, Pimienta the mare got scared and started fleeing while dumping my poor mother to the ground. Fortunately for her, it was a bit muddy so the landing was not as bad as it could have been; but it was hard enough to leave her in pain for about 3 weeks. Then Pimienta came crashing into my little Mosquito horse so he started bucking. I was distracted, so I didn’t realised what was going on until I found myself in midair. Unfortunately, I landed on my side on top of some rocks and it hurted like hell. I had scratches all over my left arm and on my back. Since we were still far away from the house, we got back on our horses and rode as good as we could, but it was painful and Pimienta the mare was still nervous, so we had some more tense moments after.

Macanao: Moments after falling from the horse
Finally, we made it back and even though the owner was apologetical about what happened, he implied that it might have been our own doing. He said something about some people claiming they had more experience than they actually have and then running into problems with their horses. Although he retracted soon after, we all thought this was totally out-of-order; specially since he had initially warned us that Pimienta the mare could sometimes be a little volatile.

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