Hiding From Civilization at Hostal Medellin

After a week in Yolombó, we went back to Medellin to spend the weekend visiting sights and going to museums. We had heard good things about Medellin’s cosmopolitan vibes. Everyone raves about its nightlife. However, we found such a perfect setup at Hostal Medellin, that we were super lazy and did very little in terms of visiting sights and exploring Medellin’s social scene.

Instead, we did some much needed maintenance for the motorbike and both for us. As soon as we arrived, I got a pedicure and Alain a haircut for only 13,000 pesos (about 5,50€). Plus, we found a good dentist to do a full cleaning for our teeth for just $100,000 COP each (about 43€). On the other hand, the motorbike got a full and deep cleaning that left her sparkling.

Sparkling clean Suzuki DR 350
When we first arrived to Hostal Medellin, we were surprised to find the place empty. The hostel is located near metro station Suramericana, two stops away from the city center and six stations away from Poblado. It’s in a two-story house with indoor parking for bikes, and a luscious backyard that’s a favourite hangout for many birds. The decoration is simple, but the place is well-equipped. The common areas are well thought out around guests’ needs. There is even a billiard table and the owner, Claudia, has a wealth of information about the area and specially about travelling with bikes in Colombia. So we were baffled — but admittedly very happy — to find that, with the exception of the American guy who’s been living here for the past two months, we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves!

Later we discovered that the reason why we lucked out was that a big group of athletes that had occupied the entire hostel while they were in town for some competition, had left two days earlier than expected.

Inside Hostel Medellin
During those days we were so comfortable at the hostel that we felt no need to search for anything in the city. There are a couple of big supermarkets close by, so we just bought what we needed, and I just enjoyed cooking away while trying a different Chilean or Argentinian wine each time. After dinner we played billiards and drank beer. We were also able to hold our safety meetings in the balcony while swinging on the hammock-chairs. We payed $40,000 COP (about 17€) per night for both of us, in a private room with shared bathroom; not too bad for a city like Medellin.

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