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A land with a rich cultural heritage, colourful and tasty cuisine, and some amazing natural wonders; Mexico is a destination that keeps captivating travellers from all over the world. If you are planning to visit, browsing through Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for your trip. To help you find the most gorgeous images to inspire you, we have compiled a nice little list of some of the best Mexico Instagram accounts you should follow. Enjoy!


This father and son’s gallery features shots from their family weekend trips in Mexico. Little José chooses where he wants to be photographed while his father takes care of the rest.


Architect Diego Ledgard showcases many of the architectural gems he finds around Mexico along with shots from his daily life and travels. We dig his minimalist style.

A post shared by diegoledgard (@diegoledgard) on

A post shared by diegoledgard (@diegoledgard) on


Roberto H. is an editorial designer who loves to capture the beauty of Mexico from a different perspective. His drone photography is often stunning. Check it out!

A post shared by Roberto H (@dronerobert) on

A post shared by Roberto H (@dronerobert) on


David Muñiz is a 20-year old Visual Arts student from Mexico City. His gallery is a mixture of smooth architecture shots, stunning landscapes and a few beautiful sunsets here and there.

A post shared by David Muñiz (@edavidm) on

A post shared by David Muñiz (@edavidm) on


Street photographer Eduardo Gómez likes to focus on the bright and colourful side of Mexico. He has a great eye for composition and vibrant tones.

A post shared by Eduardo Gómez (@eddga) on

A post shared by Eduardo Gómez (@eddga) on


Hailing from Oaxaca, photographer Constantino Ruiz Bautista showcases gorgeous images of his charming town. Follow his account to get a glimpse of Oaxaca’s rich culture.


Also based in Oaxaca, Frank Coronado is a photographer who has a passion for capturing scenes of Mexico’s culture and its people.

A post shared by Frank Coronado (@fcoronado) on


Gary Karolli is another great Instagramer from Oaxaca and he is also very active in the local community, as an administrator for @vive_mexico.

A post shared by Gary Karolli (@garykarolli) on

A post shared by Gary Karolli (@garykarolli) on

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Gerardo Sandoval is passionate about photography and it shows. His images are dreamy compositions that showcase beautiful landscapes and a clever game of lights.


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A post shared by Gess / Gerardo Sandoval (@gess8) on

A post shared by Gerardo Sandoval (@gess8) on


YouTuber Gustavo Moguel is on a quest to show the most beautiful spots in Mexico. Armed with a GoPro and a drone, he captures photos straight from paradise. Inspiration guaranteed!


María Elena is a photographer with a hearing impairement. In her gallery she shares images and tidbits of her everyday life by combining different photography styles, which we find very inspiring.

A post shared by María Elena (@maelena_lolu) on

A post shared by María Elena (@maelena_lolu) on


Mexican traveller Mariana de la Rosa lived in Japan for a while, but is now back in Mexico. Her photos are colourful compositions that highlight some of the prettiest places she find in her travels.

A post shared by Mariana (@_marianadelarosa) on

A post shared by Mariana (@_marianadelarosa) on


Melania Chavarría is a fashion journalist with a very eclectic fashion sense. In her gallery, strong colours and very unique clothes abound. She usually dresses up to match with the backgrounds of her photos and the results can be mesmerising.


Swiss travel blogger Karin Schönenberger loves exploring Mexico and it shows in her photos. Sometimes it’s nice to see a country through a foreigners eyes to have a different perpective as in this case.


Interior designer Rob González is a self-described “door blogger” from San Miguel de Allende, a gorgeous small city in central Mexico. Rob combines his keen fashion style with some of the prettiest locations of his city. The results are often breathtaking.


Based in Mexico City, Rodrigo GB is a 27 years old content creator with a knack for creating sharp urban compositions. You’ll find lots of architecture and reflection shots in his gallery.

A post shared by Rodrigo GB | RoGB (@rogb12) on

A post shared by Rodrigo GB | RoGB (@rogb12) on


Ramiro Montejano has one of the most eclectic feeds out there. He likes to experiment with different styles and subjects.


Graphic designer Ángel Castillo likes to wander around the streets of Mexico City, and other cities, looking for interesting corners to photograph.

A post shared by YoSoyÁngel (@yosoymanwe) on

A post shared by YoSoyÁngel (@yosoymanwe) on

So there you have them! We hope you enjoyed this post and find these Mexico Instagram accounts as inspiring as we do. Feel free to pin this post to your Pinterest boards and don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram!

Mexico Instagram Accounts

Mexico Instagram Accounts

Mexico Instagram Accounts

Do you have any great Mexico Instagram accounts that you would like to recommend? Share them with us on the comments section :)



  1. Thank you so much for sharing my account, just a little tiny detail hahah, my name is Rodrigo GB not Roberto haha my account is @rogb12, anyway it’s an honour to be on your list, thanks a lot!


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