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A land with a rich cultural heritage, colourful and tasty cuisine, and some amazing natural wonders; Mexico is a destination that keeps captivating travelers from all over the world. If you are planning to visit, browsing through Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for your trip. To help you find the most gorgeous images to inspire you, we have compiled a nice little list of some of the best Mexico Instagram accounts you should follow. Enjoy!


1 @balcazardescansa

This father and son’s gallery features shots from their family weekend trips in Mexico. Little José chooses where he wants to be photographed while his father takes care of the rest.

Instagram: @balcazardescansa

2 @diegoledgard

Architect Diego Ledgard showcases many of the architectural gems he finds around Mexico, along with shots from his daily life. We dig his minimalist style.

Instagram: @diegoledgard

3 @domingoxlatarde

Industrial designer Domingo uses soft colours and a minimalist style to create striking images that seem almost magical.

Instagram: @domingoxlatarde

4 @eddga

Street photographer Eduardo Gómez likes to focus on the bright and colourful side of Mexico. He has a great eye for composition and vibrant tones.

Instagram: @eddga

5 @enigmatino

Hailing from Oaxaca, photographer Constantino Ruiz Bautista showcases gorgeous images of his charming town. Follow his account to get a glimpse of Oaxaca’s rich culture.

Instagram: @Enigmatino

6 @fcoronado

Based in Oaxaca, Frank Coronado is a photographer who has a passion for capturing scenes of Mexico’s culture and its people.

Instagram: @fcoronado




Gary Karolli is another great Instagramer from Oaxaca and he is also very active in the local community, as an administrator for @vive_mexico and as collaborator for @natgeomexico.

Instagram: @garykarolli

8 @gess8

Gerardo Sandoval is passionate about photography and it shows. His images are dreamy compositions that showcase beautiful landscapes and play with light.

Instagram: @gess8

9 @ikaritu

In this gallery you will find a mix of portraits and scenes from Puebla. I like how he combines modern views with the more traditional aspects of the city; while, at the same time, keeping a minimalist aesthetic.

Instagram: @ikaritu

10 @justg110

For amazing images featuring the stunning Caribbean Coast in Mexico; check out Gio’s gallery, an endless stream of gorgeous beaches and fun moments.

Instagram: @justg110

11 @la_mayte

Paola Mayté Zarazúa is a psicologist who likes to share images from her travels, nature, and her daily life.

Instagram: @la_mayte

12 @man_with_map

Adolfo is a PR manager based in Mexico City. His gallery is a collection of soft coloured images that show a different side of Mexico.

Instagram: @Man_with_map

13 @miss_sputnik

Flor Pacheco features mostly architecture shots of Mexico City; but she also likes to share some of her favorite places and things from her daily life.

Instagram: @miss_sputnik_

14 @oyebanano

Gerardo is a self-taught photographer who likes to capture little details, like those special corners he finds in his hometown and during his travels around Mexico.

Instagram: @oyebanano

15 @rperspective

Ramiro Montejano has one of the most eclectic feeds out there. He likes to experiment with different styles and subjects.

Instagram: @rperspective

16 @toniomm_

Antonio is based in Querétaro and he takes photos that capture the colourful soul of Mexico’s culture.

Instagram: @toniomm_

17 @walkingmexico

Walking Mexico is on a mission to explore Mexico while searching the best local destinations for culture, adventure, and nature.

Instagram: @walkingmexico

18 @yosoymanwe

Graphic designer Ángel Castillo likes to wander around the streets of Mexico City, and other cities, looking for interesting corners to photograph.

Instagram: @yosoymanwe

If you are in Mexico City in a couple of weeks, you should join the National Instameet happening on April 23rd; an event that brings the local Instagram community.

Instameet Nacional #WWIM13Mx

Saturday, Apr 23, 2016, 12:00 PM

Viveros de coyoacan
Av Universidad 2100 Coyoacán. Metro viveros México City, MX

153 Instagrammers Went

¡El primer Instameet Nacional del año ha llegado! Festejemos juntos para explorar, compartir consejos, trucos y hacer juntos fotografías y videos con motivo del Worldwide InstaMeet 13, el cual tiene como tema principal, celebrar el Día de la Tierra, en donde Instagram nos invita a usar #NuestroPlanetaWWIM13.Te esperamos este próximo 23 de abril en…

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Do you have any great Mexico Instagram accounts that you would like to recommend? Share them with us on the comments section :)

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