Private bedroom in Mm450 Hostel in Valparaiso, Chile

Sweet Essentials at Mm450 Boutique Hostel in Valparaiso

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Located in the heart of Cerro Alegre, one of the oldest and most charming residential zones of Valparaiso; the Mm450 Boutique is one of the sweetest finds in town. In Chile, there are few places that have as many options for accommodation as Valpo. They can range from dirt cheap deals to top of the line luxurious offers. It’s been less than a year since it first opened,  and the Mm450 offers an excellent combo: top quality service in a beautiful setting at affordable prices.

The Location

Cerro Alegre is one of the areas in Valparaiso that has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its impressive architecture and unique character. Within walking distance there are many trendy shops and cute cafés and restaurants. This place makes a great base to explore the area.

Bar at Mm450 Hostel in Valparaiso, Chile

The House

When I first walked into this classic Valparaiso-style house, all my senses became all mellowed as I took in the zen vibe of the place. The spaces are big, the ceilings are high and there are no superfluous decorations. Inside, everything is a harmonious mix of glass, wood, stone, leather and flowers; it all feels very essential. However, what impressed me the most was the use of recycled furniture and materials. It was so well done that you wouldn’t know they were recycled unless you really pay attention to details.

The People

The guys at the reception were very helpful all the time, they always had great suggestions for what to do and see in Valparaiso. They were always super friendly and warm. The other guests were also cool and a bit older than the usual hostel crowd, something that I enjoyed :)

Reception are at Mm450 Hostel in Valparaiso, ChileThe Rooms

There are private rooms and dorms (with lockers); some have shared bathrooms others are en suite. All rooms are spacious, spotlessly clean and bright; and all beds have crisp white sheets. It felt like heaven taking a warm shower and then lying in bed after my long walks in Valparaiso.

Dorm at Mm450 hostel in Valparaiso, ChileThe Kitchen

On the second floor, there is a kitchen available for guests. The space is bright and clean; but it’s only set as a cold kitchen. That means that it’s not made for any serious cooking; it’s more for fixing snacks or eating something that’s already been cooked. That was all the encouragement I needed to go looking for the best food in Valpo.

Kitchen at Mm450 Hostel in Valparaiso, ChileThe Common Area

There are plenty of spaces for socializing in the hostel: there’s an outdoor patio, a couple of living rooms, a dinning area and a bar. There are enough places to sit and relax, with nice chilled music in the background and a strong wi-fi signal all over the house ;)

Patio at Mm450 Hostel in Valparaiso, Chile

The Best: Breakfast

One of the best things of staying at the Mm450 is the included breakfast, which to be honest is one of the best of any hostel I’ve ever stayed at. It starts with a nice glass of fresh fruit juice (made with whatever is in season) and some fruits. Then you get eggs, a selection of cheeses, warm bread and decent coffee. The perfect start for a busy day of walking in Valparaiso

Breakfast at Mm450 Hostel in Valparaiso, ChileIf you’re visiting Valparaiso, this is one of the best options around for accommodation, so make sure to check them out! Also, have a look at their Facebook page; they publish offers and promotions regularly. And if you want to see more photos from my stay at the Mm450 Boutique in Valparaiso, visit my gallery.

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  • Nice place Bianca! I’ve not made it down that way just yet even after a few visits to Chile. Looks like a great place to stay and check out.

    What are typical rates for dorms and how do you get there from the bus station if you arrive from Santiago?

    • Thanks Kerwin :) Next time you go to Chile, you most definitely have to go to Valparaiso; it’s not too far and it’s really beautiful. While I was there, a dorm was about 12,000 CLP (about $23 – 25 USD).

      From the bus station, the easiest thing is to take a taxi (max. 5,000 CLP). But if you’re feeling adventurous and are not carrying too much luggage, you can also take the tram and then walk (uphill, everything in Valpo is uphill!) a few blocks. You can also find more detailed directions here:

  • Hello,

    It seems that this beautiful small hostel is no longer a hostel but a boutique hotel. from what I have read, it has been refurbished. My question is about the location of the MM450. Is this a busy area of Valparaiso at night? It looks like a very nice area to stay but I always wonder with small hotels that do not have a/c. This appears to be the norm in Valparaiso unless you stay in a large chain hotel near the busy port. Is March busy?


    • Hello Laura. Thanks for the update, I’ve edited my post to reflect that. I liked the location of the Mm450 because it’s close to some nice cafes and restaurants, but it’s still a quiet place to rest. The street is not very busy at night (at least not while I was there) and, also, most rooms face an inner patio. I’m not sure if March is busy (I was there later), but I think things begin to cool down a bit then. Still, I was there in early winter and even if it was not high season, it was still warm enough, sunny and there were plenty of things to do to keep me busy. I hope this helps. Enjoy your trip!

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